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Dual Flush Toilet Cistern Lid Removal/How to remove Toilet Cistern Lid

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If you have tried dual flush toilet cistern lid removal you may have found that it was held down by something. You may have looked around it for screws or clips but not found any. With older ceramic cisterns that are close coupled to the pan, or just above it, the lid usually just lifts off. I’m sure some plastic cisterns have some screws around the edge of the lid holding it on.

Some Dual Flush toilet cisterns, like my Armitage Shanks Ascania have their lids held in place by the push button mechanism which is mounted through a hole in the lid. This article gives advice about that type of dual flush toilet cistern lid removal.

Armitage Shanks Ascania Dual Flush Toilet Cistern Lid Removal

I will now show how the lid can be removed on my Armitage Shanks Ascania cistern. First the two buttons have to be removed by pulling them out of their socket. Push one button down all the way and keep it down (the toilet will flush). Turn your finger so that your fingernail engages with the side of the other button. Both buttons have a finger nail notch on the side. Dig your nail into the notch and pull out the button. The button will click out of position and can be removed from the socket. My buttons have a long thin spindle of plastic attached which reaches down to operate the real buttons inside the cistern. Be careful not to break them.

Pulling Out The Small Flush Button

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1. Pressing down the Large Flush Button to engage fingernail with the Small Flush Button.

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Lifting it a long way up.

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Now with your forefinger of the other hand engage your fingernail in the other button in the same way and pull it out with a click. Look into the socket and you will see a plastic screw that has up to now escaped you. It is the one that holds the lid on. It shouldn’t be over tight. Undo it with a wide bladed screwdriver and be careful not to chew it up (it’s made of soft plastic).

The button socket mounted through the lid has no thread in the screw hole. The screw is just a tight fit. The thread into which it screws is in a flat plastic Sliding Plate held aloft by a frame attached to the flushing module below the Button Socket. See the detail below. With the screw removed the cistern lid should lift off and the Button Socket can be removed from the lid by pushing it out from underneath.

All parts can be washed and cleaned before reassembly. The Button Socket has holes in it to let water drain into the cistern when the buttons are washed during toilet cleaning.

The only tool required is a screwdriver with a wide flat blade 1mm thick.