Here is the thing - you want a convenient, safe, and economical way to enhance your shower experience but have no idea where to start, right? You are aware of all the benefits of a thermostatic shower mixer, but do not know whether they are worth the investment?

Whether used with your basin or bath, mixer taps are now far more common in England than separate pillar taps. At My Toilet Spares, thermostatic tap and shower parts are the best designed with the world’s most sensitive thermometer in mind: your skin. Our highest-quality Aqualisa Quartz tap and shower spares feature industry-leading technologies to ensure maximum showering safety and comfort. We have different styles available to match your installation and design requirements.

If you do not want to worry about your shower disgorging the water at the desired temperature, then buying Aqualisa Quartz shower spares is all you need to enhance your showering experience. Simply set the desired temperature and relax!


What are Thermostatic Shower Spares?


Thermostatic shower mixers offer complete control over water temperature. This means the water’s temperature remains constant throughout the showering time. They have a very simple and straight mechanism. All you need to do is, select the right temperature and you will get a blend of cold and hot water from different sources before the water pours out from the showerhead.


What are the Benefits of Thermostatic Shower Mixers?


Among the benefits of Aqualisa Quartz shower mixer spares, we can see:


Safety: One of the notable benefits of installing thermostatic shower spares is that they provide complete control on shower temperature that minimizes the scalding risk for anyone using the shower. If the temperature moves a couple of degrees over the selected temperature, it automatically cuts off the water flow.


Energy and Water Saving: Thermostatic valves are designed to reach the desired temperature quickly and constantly. With a thermostatically controlled valve, you can turn off your tap in between, and upon turning it on again, you will find the temperature to be the same. This avoids wastage of water and saves you from the hassle of constantly regulating the water temperature.

Aqualisa Quartz Shower Spares Collection at MyToiletSpares

It is quite common for people staying in England to look for and invest in the best shower spares. Instead of installing a separate tap for both hot and cold water, it is wise to invest in an efficient thermostatic shower spare that can provide full control over water temperature.

Let’s explore some of the most popular varieties of Aqualisa Quartz

Shower/tap spares from the wide collection of MyToiletSpares.

Thermostatic Shower Cartridge: To precisely control your shower temperature, the thermostatic shower cartridge uses a patented bi-metallic coil. It is available in several different colors, including Orange, Pink, Green, and Grey.

Shower cartridge HiQu: This replacement thermostatic cartridge includes a metal temperature control knob, and is suitable for HiQuXT shower models.

Shower cartridge Aquarian after 1999: This black cartridge is for use with Aquarian (E99) and Colt Exposed models only and can be used on all water systems. Please note - fit a cold water regulator while installing Combi Boiler systems.



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