When it comes to identifying your Toilet Seat, there are many things to consider when choosing a toilet seat. Besides the material, colour, design and function.

the dimension of the ceramic is a critical aspect. All Toilet models come in different Shapes and sizes only 10% of them are standard.

We have introduced Special Toilet Seat Selection Tool which provides our customers with a guide on selecting their correct Toilet Seats provided they have the correct seat dimensions and measurements.

This Toilet Seat Identifier or selection Tool is easy to use, to begin with please see below

•             Choose the shape of your ceramic. Is it oval, D-Shape, pointed or square?

•             Measure the distance between the fixing holes in the ceramic from hole centre to hole centre.

•             Measure the length from hole centre to the furthest point of the front edge of the ceramic Bowl or Toilet Pan

•             Measure the maximum width of the ceramic from outside edge to outside edge.


D-Shape: A toilet seat shaped like the letter ªDª, the rear is straight, the sides are parallel and the front is round, the shape looks like a ªDª from above. Wrapover: The lid covers the seat ring completely when closed. Semi-Wrapover: The lid almost covers the seat ring when closed, but the ring is still partially visible. Sandwich: The lid rests on the seat ring, the seat ring is fully visible. Eccentric hinges: Hinges with a variable adjustment range in all directions (forward/backward, right/left). These hinges offer the widest variety of adjustment possibilities. Hinges with a slotted disc: Hinges with a variable adjustment range in one direction, depending on the slot position; i.e. either forward/backward or right/left. 2-position hinges: Hinges with a choice of two fixed positions, with the fixed value X either before or behind the hole. TakeOff" : Toilet seats with TakeOff" hinges can be removed and replaced with just one simple action, with the minimum use of tools. This makes cleaning very easy and therefore guarantees exceptional hygiene. This new automatic closure system offers SoftClose comfort and quality for the price-conscious and reliably prevents the growth and spread of germs and bacteria with antibodies assimilated in the plastic. Most of the Toilet Seats now have  FastFix"  Chrome hinges or plastic FastFix" Hinges or nuts (push onto screw, tighten with a few turns) for quick and easy installation from below, special design for quick installation TopFix / EasyFix: Simply insert the hinge from above into the ceramic holes. An expansion anchor allows optimum fastening of the hinge - comfortably from above. SolidFix" : A steadfast interlock to face the difficulties of your daily project life NF: This mark certifies the compliance with the Rules of Certification NF240



As the name implies this is a square shape toilet seat which looks almost like an A4 Paper, the rear of the seat is Square, the Front is Square and so are the sides. Square Toilet Seats are very popular and comes with Top Fixing / Bottom Fixing, soft close and Standard Close technology, as well as wrap over designs.


This Toilet seats are very uncommon and very difficult to identify as they look deceiving, in case you are having any trouble identifying this type of seat please kindly email us a photo to our 24 hour email response inbox customerervice@mytoiletspares.co.uk or send us a text or Whatsapp on our office Mobile Number 07379115591 or better still ring us on 01482291992 between the hours of 9am and 5pm.