One of the most often used items in your home is the toilet seat. The toilet seat covers can keep things cleaner. Using the seat cover brings a great level of comfort. It is an element between your bare behind and the toilet. But what happens if you forgo the seat cover? The toilets get exposed- who knows what is crawling on the toilet surface! Using our Rak Ceramics toilet seat is an ideal option to stop exposing the germs. So, you're not likely to catch an infection from a toilet. Keeping the toilet seat close makes you away from the tendency of flushing some common items which will lead to bringing future issues.

Few things cannot be flushed down the toilet. Human waste and urine are the only substances that should be flushed. Because toilets are regularly used!Flushing & keeping the toilet close must always be a top priority. In this blog, we'll tell you what you shouldn't flush down the toilet.


Wipes and paper towels

Paper towels and wipes should never be flushed down the toilet. They are the leading cause of blockages in most toilets found around the world. Both are difficult to dissolve in water and do not easily pass down sewer systems. It will produce a negative influence on the entire sewage treatment process.



There are people who flush their diapers down the toilet. Furthermore, the people who do it will clog your toilet in a matter of seconds. Modern child diapers are made with materials that expand when exposed to water, causing them to degrade. Attempting to flush these diapers is a shockingly common cause of serious pipe obstruction. It may require professional assistance later. It's best if you stay away from it.

Pads and tampons

Disposal of female belongings has always been a problem for women. They are, however, a problem for plumbing since they may quickly clog pipes. Wrap your pads in plastic wrap or place them in a small, clean sanitary bag and toss them in the trash.



Hair not only aids in the formation of monster balls that cause major sewage system obstructions, but traps odours in your pipes. Make sure you're brushing your hair or cleaning your brushes away from the toilet seat at all times.


Chewing Gums 

Chewing gums are similar to glue and hardly dissolve in water. It also caught in the channels, obstructing the normal flow of wastewater. Chewing gums should be discarded as soon as possible.

Band-Aids and First-aid Bandages.

Non-biodegradable plastic is used to make bandages and band-aids, and they should not be flushed down the toilet. It should be dropped in the trash can, but not in your toilet seat.


Buds of Cigarettes

Cigarette buds are a health hazard. A cigarette bud is composed of a filter made from cellulose acetic acid, two layers of wrapping made of paper and rayon, nicotine, cancer-causing chemicals, and other toxins. It has the potential to severely clog your toilet.


Expired drugs and recently used pharmaceuticals should never be flushed since they will pollute the wastewater even more. Finally, it will have a detrimental effect on the water resources and the water you drink.


Now that you're aware of what you should and shouldn't flush down your toilet. It is wise to use our Rak Ceramics toilet seat on your toilet and keep it close. It can be a protection kind of thing that you can add to your toilet. Adding our Rak Ceramics toilet seat and following a few extra precautions can be a way to protect your toilet from probable issues. It is good to bring extra appeal to your bathroom.