A toilet seat adds comfort and style to the bathroom. It’s more than just a basic bathroom necessity. The toilet seats are available in different finishes best suiting the bathroom style. Whether you’re looking for a modern, contemporary toilet seat or traditional style, perfect sizing of the toilet seat is important.

So, it’s obvious to know why there’s not standard size toilet seat that makes finding the right model for your toilet more difficult. However, help is at hand. Please check out this post and know how to know the correct size toilet seat:

    • Consider the shape of your toilet pan. Is it round shaped, D shaped or square shaped? Or is it different shape than them?

    • You will take measurements from your toilet. First, start with knowing the length – measure from the holes in your toilet to the front edge of your toilet. Measure the diameter from one edge to another to know the width. Know the distance between the holes to the cistern or wall for height considerations.

This will provide you with the right shape and serious of toilet dimensions to work with. Now all that’s left to do is to start your search. However, what should you look for while buying a toilet seat?

Different Types of Toilet Seats

Soft Close Toilet Seats

Currently, most toilets come with a soft close seat as the standard. This seat uses a spring mechanism to make sure that the seat with its cover doesn’t come down with one almighty clatter. It can minimise wear and tear on both the toilet seat and pan.

Though a soft close seat is an ideal option, they require to be treated with extreme care to make sure that the spring doesn’t get damaged. This means it won’t force the seat down. If you have kids, it can be a lot easier said than done. However, a soft close seat does avoid any little fingers becoming trapped.

Toilet Seat Material

When it comes to materials, duroplastic Cersanit toilet seat is hard to beat. They appear to be more popular, due to their affordable pricing and a greater degree of durability. The duroplastic seats are hard wearing and lightweight while providing great resistance to scratches.

Toilet Hinges

To help you find the best toilet hinges, you should look for adjustable hinges. Some toilet seats come with top fixing hinges and a handy lift-off mechanism that makes installation and cleaning smooth.

Final Consideration –

When it comes to buying toilet seats, the best suggestion is to make sure you buy your toilet and accessories from a top supplier like My Toilet Spares. This way, you are pretty assured to be able to get a replacement that is designed specifically to fit your toilet model perfectly.

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