With so many toilet seats available for sale, choosing a new toilet seat can be bit confusing and baffling. A perfect toilet seat can uplift the overall look of your bathroom space and shouldn’t be considered differently as any piece of décor. Here are a few important things you should consider when choosing a new toilet seat:

Consider shape and size.

Toilets are of different sizes and shapes. To find the right seat, you have to work out on the shape and size of your pan. Generally, toilet seats are available in round or oval shapes; but you can opt for square shape.

Your decision should be based on the shape of your toilet pan and it’s always best to match your toilet seat with your pan size. Even, you may find that some toilet seats come with wrap around design. This means, the toilet seat lip fits down over the pan creating a smooth yet contemporary shape.

For finding the right fit, you should consider following measurements:

  • Centre distance – The point between the two fixing holes of your toilet space.
  • Width at widest point – Your toilet pan width at its widest point
  • Total depth – The distance your toilet pan sticks out from the cistern or wall

Consider finish and material.

There is a huge availability of finishes available and make a selection that gives you an additional hygienic boost. All of the materials give an ultimate level of protection and complete peace of mind. You should remember that you should make a choice that will make a great statement.

When you are on the market, you will get to choose from special materials and finishes for your uniquely designed bathrooms with high-end look. Your selection should bring in much lighter and more versatile feel to your entire space.


Choose the toilet seat hinges.

Your toilet hinges should fit into your fixing centres. There are two different types of changes and you should be careful that not all toilet seat hinges are suitable for all toilets. A top fixing hinge works by fitting two bolts into a toilet pan.

When you go with a more traditional fixing style, a bottom fixing is a right choice – featuring two bolts that fit down into your pan. They are then tightened from the underneath. However, top fixing toilet seat hinges are used, when there’s no access to the pan bottom like in some back to wall toilets or modern one piece style toilets.

In addition to, you can choose fast release hinges that allow you remove the seat and lid from the pan easily. This makes cleaning task a lot easier and soft close hinges feature a hygienic and slow release system that reduces any annoying noises. However, soft close toilet seats are something that offers additional touch of luxury that you will love for sure.

Bottom Line –

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