Picking another toilet seat can be confounding, as you are gone up against with columns and lines of white, pivoted plastic seats that from the outset can be bafflingly comparative. In any case, the correct Hatria toilet seat that you can have from us at My Toilet Spares can raise the appearance of your washroom suite, and ought to fit any toilet décor that you have at present. We are going to take a gander at the three things you should consider while picking a new toilet seat, and how they assist you with getting the look you want.  

Shape and Size 

Toilets come in various shapes and estimates, and to locate the correct seat you need to work out what shape and size your pan is.

Most usually, toilet seats come as round or oval shapes; however, square design toilet seats are additionally popular. You ought to have the option to tell by looking which shape your toilet pan is, and it in every case best to coordinate your toilet seat with the state of your pant. Additionally - you may see that some toilet seats include 'wrap round' plan - this implies the lip of the toilet seat fits down over the pan, to make a smooth, contemporary shape.

To get the ideal fit we suggest you take the accompanying measurements:

Fixing central distance: The point between the two fixing openings of your toilet

Width at the widest point: The width of your toilet pan at its most extensive point

Total depth - The separation your toilet pan stands out from the divider or cistern


These fit onto your fixing centres.

There are two choices for hinges, and please know that not all hinges are appropriate for all toilets. A top fixing hinge works by taking care of two bolts into the toilet pan. A base fixing is an increasingly conventional style fixing, with two bolts that fit down into your pan and are then fixed from underneath. Top fixing hinges have used when there is no entrance to the base of the pan, as in some back to divider toilets, or present-day one-piece style toilets.

Additionally accessible are speedy discharge hinges that let you effectively remove the seat and cover from the pan, making the activity of cleaning the toilet a lot simpler, and Soft Close hinges that include a sterile, slow discharge framework that removes any irritating pummeling noises. We suggest soft close toilet seats from Hatria for that additional hint of extravagance that we are certain you will cherish.  

Material and Finish 

Your decision of toilet seat is an incredible chance to arrange your look into a firm entirety. There are likewise antibacterial finishes accessible, for the individuals who need an extra clean lift – the manufacture of these happen with a material that gives an additional layer of protection and true serenity.

Remember, you can generally say something with a polished seat, for instance, one printed with a structure, or brilliant shading. There are additionally various extraordinary wood materials and completions, we see these utilized regularly in customarily propelled restrooms, with a very good quality look - profound mahogany fits the extravagant, customary look, while beech holds a similar quality, however, has a lot lighter, progressively flexible feel.

We suggest that you peruse what is accessible from us, and pick something that supplements your current highlights.

Additional items 

There are consistently novelty choices accessible on the off chance that you wish to give your washroom a great element, while there are family-accommodating toilet seats accessible that can even assistance with potty training the small members from your family.  

Anyway, while picking a toilet seat, we suggest you find which styles will fit and suit your pan - what shape right? What size it? What sort of hinge will fix to it? When you have done this, you can consider the manners by which your new seat and cover can add to your washroom.

While developing a look, require significant investment on the easily overlooked details. Get the correct shape, the correct size, pick a material and make a theme. The advantages will be clear.

We trust you discovered this guide accommodating! Return soon for more style guides, while you intend to select the best Hatria toilet seat,