The bathroom is one of the most frequented areas in every home, which requires being in a well-maintained condition. A malfunctioning toilet is the last thing anybody wants to deal with, and many a time this problem can get complex by not knowing what type of toilet you have. And how can you find toilet spare parts and accessories if you do not know which one will fit?

Well, today you are in luck as we have designed a comprehensive guide on Ideal Standard toilet spares to help you figure out the parts you need for your toilet brand and model.


Ideal Standard/Armitage Shanks Flush Valve Seal:


If your Ideal Standard flush valve is constantly leaking water into the toilet pan and won’t seal properly, this is the sign of an inlet valve failure and the base sealing washer might need to be changed. Many make the mistake of purchasing a full replacement flush valve at the onset of any issue, but replacing just the washer will ave you time and money in the long-term.


Ideal Standard/Armitage Shanks Chrome Dual Flush Toilet Push Button: 


Ideal Standard’s dual flush button is compatible with the SV83467 dual flush valve. The button front features a simple, elegant design in a beautiful chrome finish. The reliable cable operated mechanism of the button ensures it stands the test of time and is ideal for high traffic areas. With an easy-clean design, the button is meant for additional hygiene.


Ideal Standard/Armitage Shanks Cable Operated Toilet Flush Valve:


Now you need not worry about removing the entire cistern to service the valve in the future! Simply twist the valve clockwise or anticlockwise, and the complete top mechanism lifts right out. The things needed then is - twist the new valve into place, connect the button, and you are good to go.


Ideal Standard/Armitage Shanks Bottom Entry Inlet Float Valve: 

Ideal Standard’s universal bottom entry inlet valve is the most recommended one for use in bottom entry toilet cisterns.


Ideal Standard/Armitage Shanks Pneumatic Top Bush Assembly:


The SV67467 top bush assembly is compatible with a wide range of Ideal Standard flush valves. If your pneumatic flush valve is not flushing properly, it very well means that not enough pressure is being developed to lift the valve’s flushing assembly. In such scenarios, disconnect the pneumatic tube that is attached to your push button and blow down the tube. And if the valve still does not lift properly, it will more than likely be the bellows washer. And if the valve lifts with ease, the issue might be with the button instead. In such a case, you need to buy the button only, as many make the mistake of purchasing a full valve at the first sign of any flushing issue.


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