Ideal Standard products have been at the forefront of bathroom design for over a century. Its innovative and dynamic models are the best solutions to suit your needs. But procuring a new one or replacing a toilet seat can be a stressful process. The first thing is you need to identify your toilet and find the correct toilet seat. Once you found the right toilet seat, you will need to find someone who is selling this toilet seat. 


We are the leading manufacturer offering a massive choice of Toilet Seat products that genuinely suit your space, style, budget, and requirements. We also stock numerous ranges of Ideal Standard product designs that will fit best for your dream bathroom. As leading suppliers in bathroom products, we add both traditional and contemporary collections that fit best for your bathroom design. Here at My Toilet Spare, we are pleased to offer; Ideal Standard toilet seats come with a soft closing function and white finish. It seems like a perfect addition for your personal style and innovative bathrooms at your home or commercial space.


Ideal Standard has been popular choice around for many years. Few of their toilets have been discontinued over the years as well! We have over many decades of experience in the bathroom industry, and we are here to help you while replacing your broken or damaged Ideal Standard toilet seats. We aim to make replacing your toilet seat as less stressful as possible. Here at My Toilet Spare, we also have a choice of bespoke Ideal Standard seat toilet seats. We can provide your need even if that is no longer manufactured, or you may need a different shape/size. We are specialist in selling replacement toilet seats and have the largest selection of soft closing Ideal Standard Toilet Seats and offer several options available for our clients.  


There are different shapes, and three of them are most common in the UK (Round. D- Shape, and squire) and other toilet seats that falls into 12 other different shapes as well. If there is a brand marking on the toilet, then you should mention us. Most of the branded toilet seats like Ideal Standard toilet seats are available in our website. If you are unsure and need any help finding your Ideal Standard toilet seat, don't be afraid of emailing us pictures of your toilet along with dimensions, and we will try to identify the correct toilet seat for you.


We have a selection of toilet spare parts if you are looking for a new flush button or new flush valve or toilet seat hinges, and many more have a look below. Knowing the brand or manufacture of your toilet is the easiest way to find your required items. If you are unsure of the manufacture but know the thing that needs replacing, just select category on our website. Also, you can scroll through the selection on our site, refine your need by size, color, or hinge fixing- the choice is yours! If you have any special requirements, email us your inquiry. We will see what we have available in our stock. Remember to check the available dimensions by selecting the product and looking at the technical drawing. If you are unsure and unable to find the part you require for your toilet, then email us a picture of the parts and any information you have, and we will try to find the correct toilet part for you.