The toilet seat may be the ideal place for you to read the morning newspaper or to have a moment of relaxation after a hard day of work. If you do not have the best quality and nature of the toilet seat, then it will not be the ideal location either to read a newspaper or to relax. We at My Toilet Spares make it possible for you to have best of toilet seats along with toilet seat fittings to have a comfortable seat that functions well.

Let us see the considerations about shape, size and fittings that you require to have to have the best of the toilet seat.

If we have a look at what we need to consider, then it boils down to the below factors:

  • Shapes
  • Materials
  • Types
  • Sizes
  • Fittings

Let us have a look at these factors in details.


There are various shapes of toilet seats; you can purchase from us. Let us see when to buy what shape of the seat.


If you have an old designed and traditional bathroom, then you will have a toilet requiring a rounded seat. As rounded seats do not occupy much space, you can have such a seat if you have a shortage of space in your bathroom. However, it might look simple and understated, but you can have a traditional feel in your toilet using such.


You may have a bathroom where the toilet requires a pointed seat. You can pick from various ranges of style and have an element of traditional design in your washroom. You may also find the pointed seat more comfortable, but you need to consider that it occupies more space and it is expensive than a round model.


If you have a minimalist style washroom, then you will require a square-shaped toilet seat. If you wish to add a modern touch to your bathroom, then you need to have this shape of the seat, as they have a modern look and generally come in soft-close version.


D-shaped toilet seats are also modern and stylish. If you think about the aesthetic punch, then it lags a bit behind the square-shaped. It is ideal to have such a variety of toilet seat if you desire to have a modern feel without getting overboard.

Wrap-over seats

Wrap-over seats are minimalist, modern and stylish as the lid entirely covers the seat. Having such a seat, you can keep things neat and compact in your bathroom.


On the other hand, if you have a vintage bathroom, then you need to require a traditional toilet seat. Traditional seats are generally oval or throne seats and you can have them in wooden finishes. You can also have soft-close variety of this nature of seat.


We make it possible for you to buy toilet seats made of various materials. You can choose according to your likings.


Plastic seats are common, cheaper, malleable and easy to clean. The main issue you may face with a plastic seat that it gets cold in the winter and is not comfortable to seat at in the morning. There is though a way out; you can have a heated seat to avoid this problem. You need to take care while using plastic toilet seats as they may crack or break otherwise.


Though a wooden seat cannot withstand the general wear and tear, much but it is comfortable to seat at in winter mornings. You can purchase traditional wooden toilet seats in an array of finishes to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. Moreover, they are hygienic and easy to clean.


You can buy various types of toilet seats. It is better to know about the types before you set to buy one.

Soft close

Soft close hinges are the best innovative toilet seats features, which allow you to avoid hearing the loud slam of the seat in the morning. You can easily buy a soft close seat from us.


Ultra-slim seats are modern and stylish and can have an introduction to any bathroom. The introduction of this nature of seat will make your bathroom look bigger than actual. When you have an ultra-slim seat with other modern features in your bathroom, then it will enhance the stylistic layout.

Smart seats

Having a smart or a bidet seat, you can have various features assembled in one. You can have heating features, LED light and deodorizer capability with many other amazing features.


Toilet seat sizes in the UK vary from 350 mm to 500 mm. You need to, exactly know the toilet size so that you can purchase the seat that suits your toilet. You need to measure the toilet accurately to ascertain the size. Measure from the post hold to post hold, measure the width at the point it is widest and measure from the front to the post hold to determine the correct size of the seat.


When you intend to fix a toilet seat, you will notice that there are two types, bottom and top fixings. The modern toilet seats are a top fixing variety. The installation of the top fixing toilet seat is easier than the other variety.

We at My Toilet Spares make it possible for you to have toilet seat of various varieties manufactured by reputed manufacturers. You need to visit our online store and select the one suitable for your toilet. It is an assurance from us that you can have the best quality toilet seats at an affordable price from us.