The thermostatic cartridges in your tap are one of the hardest-working fixtures in the bathroom. Normal wear and tears over time will inevitably cause the taps, thermostatic cartridges, valves and seals to deteriorate. Do you find yourself unable to regulate the temperature, and you get only cold or warm water or even hot from your shower? It can be a sign that the thermostatic cartridge element in your Aqualisa Quartz shower is either failed or is on the way towards getting damaged. 


There are numerous reasons why the thermostatic cartridges of your Aqualisa Quartz shower tap may have failed! One of the leading causes of such failure or in-balance is water pressure (cold mains pressure and heated hot water). The continuous in-balance between the two water sources can be the reason for damage to the cartridge.  which is housed within the valve. One more symptom of its failure is stiffness in the knob when you try to adjust the temperature.


Dirt or mess in the system could be one more cause responsible for thermostatic cartridge failure. The flux used by the plumber flushed through and made the thermostatic cartridges filled with debris. It can damage the delicate parts of the Aqualisa Quartz shower tap. If you stay in a hard water area, it will build hard lime or calcium particles inside the Aqualisa-thermostatic cartridges. The build-up of calcium deposits is another cause of cartridge failure.


The standard part that fails on older Aqualisa Quartz model steam showers, shower cabins or steam shower baths is the thermostatic cartridge. In recognition of this, we have sourced the original Aqualisa Quartz Aqualisa thermostatic cartridges, shower spares, fully compatible solenoid valves, seals, and much more components for numerous Aqualisa Quartz tap models. Do you forget counting splines or measuring spindles and other minor spare parts needed in the process? We provide the all-inclusive parts along with the installation guide manual to make your job easy.  

When it comes to maintaining your Aqualisa shower, there is very little chance that occurs over the last 30 or so years. The change takes place only in the knob to make it look different and modern. Once you remove the casing, the models and the spares inside the Aqualisa Quartz shower tap model remain pretty much the same. The good news is that we stock most of the spare parts when it comes to the Aqualisa Quartz shower tap model. Therefore, changing such components doesn't have to be a difficult task or need a skilled engineer. Shop from our range of Aqualisa Quartz model steam shower tap spare parts you need, and then follow the guides available in the manual to replace the tap parts. 

 We have extensive knowledge of Aqualisa Quartz tap design and engineering. It makes it easy to find the correct replacement spare part for your Aqualisa Quartz bathroom tap. We will help you decide which Aqualisa-thermostatic cartridge you need. Our step-by-step selection process will help you get the correct spare to renovate the Aqualisa Quartz shower tap in your bathroom. If you still need some support, remove the cartridge carefully and send us its photo via our WhatsApp: 00447552414763 or contact us on our contact page! We can guide you to select the perfect thermostatic cartridges for the Aqualisa Quartz shower tap model!