Want to renovate your home? Nothing feels better than to upgrade a home and have everything new and shiny. Like every homeowner, you must enjoy upgrading a refrigerator, adding up new technology in all appliances even having a modern fixture with all the bells and whistles. But new spare parts for a toilet or a brand new toilet? They might not be on your home remodeling priority list.

But keep in mind that a toilet is a toilet, right! It goes through thousands gallons water every year. Each and every time you press the flush; it applies stress on rubber seals, pipes and the porcelain bowl. While toilets have a long lifespan, there can telltale which signs that it’s time for the replacement of toilet spare parts.

Thinking to Update Your Toilet -

Do you own a home for long? Living with the toilet installed when it was installed first? If yes, it may be time for an update. Not only are old toilets prone to cracks and leaks, they are also water hogs as well. However, currently toilets use a fraction of the water with every flush as compared to traditional toilets. And with today’s latest technology, they make less noise with every flush. So, you should look at a few signs that will help you know that your toilet spares need the replacement:

1. If Your Toilet Uses More Water -

Now, there’s huge availability of highly efficient toilets with improved flushing ability as they use only 1.3 gallons water per each flush. According to the Energy Policy Act 1992, all toilets must have a standard flush level of 1.6 gallons of water (6 litres). Earlier, toilets used around 3.4 gallons of water. If your toilet is from the original construction, you might be using almost three times more water per flush. Hence, considering the replacement of ideal toilet spares can be a better alternative to get rid of the over- usage of water throughout a year.

2. If Your Toilet Moves -

Do you ever touched the toilet? Does it move? If yes, then it can caused by different things like – a degraded wax ring under the toilet, loose mounting bolts or a rotten subfloor; which can make a toilet to shift. While loose mounting bolts can be tightened, they can crack the porcelain if tightened more. Before the entire toilet system goes out of hand, you should make the purchase of spare parts like Vernon Tutbury spares.

3. If Your Toilet is Damaged

If you’ve a toilet from the construction of your home, you may find cracks around the curves or chips in the finish. Even, you may hear a slight water drip when it’s not in use. Moreover, a small leak in toilet can lead to wastage of hundreds gallons of water every year. Besides, when the water starts seeping into your home, it can offer disastrous damage to your whole property. Instead of waiting for the disastrous consequences to happen, you should invest in top quality Vernon Tutbury spares for your toilet.

Conclusion -

Though you can repair the damaged toilet spares on your own, you should buy ideal standard Vernon Tutbury spares from My Toilet Spares to make sure that your toilet parts to be working fine without any hazards. Check out our wide selection of toilet spares and be sure of getting the perfect match for your needs and budget! For more information, browse through our website today at http://www.mytoiletspares.co.uk/ or feel free to contact us today at 01482 291992 or drop an e-mail for us!