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Help with Common Toilet Problems & How to fix them call 01482291992


Good morning, I'm Mircea Trif and I'm interested in a toilet seat and cover mink coloured. In particular, I've seen the Ideal Standard Toilet seat ELLISSE in MINK COLOUR and the Ideal Standard Palazzo - Galliano - Ravenna Tesi Toilet Seat And Cover Colour: MINK on your website and I was wondering: - what's included in the price (toilet seat, cover and the body behind as well? or just the first 2, as I don't need anything else) - regarding the ELLISSE seat, is the body behind separated from the seat? - when one of them would be available (the fastest); - if it's possible to pick it from your warehouse and where your warehouse is; I urgently need one of this two so if you can let me know about the first availability you have I'd really appreciate that.


Please kindly ring us on 01482291992 for further advise or better still email us a photo of your toilet to


Please find attached dimension notes of the existing Ideal Standard pan (M949) plus 2nr photographs (face on and side on). Given the flooring is amtico and walls tiled the sizing, the base in particular, is fairly critical as you might well imagine especially as the finishings have been cut around the pan and cistern (otherwise I would have just gone for an all new set which would have been so much easier). The pan you have forwarded looks ok but I will need you to check the dimensions please.


The Toilet Pan you need for the ideal Standard M949 is the Ideal Standard Revue Toilet Pan, please call us for price and availability on 01482291992-Thank you


From your website I see that you may stock the toilet seat we are after. We originally bought the toilet in 2006 and our memory is that it was called AXA Uno (Italian). I spoke to your customer services and they I asked me to send you some pictures of the toilet seat in question. Approx dimensions of the top cover are: Length: 475 mm Width: 375 mm Height: 35 mm


Thank you please kindly find your seat here AXA Uno Toilet seat and cover Soft Close 


Trying to identify ideal standard toilet to order new soft close seat. Cistern codes 1111 on left hand side and what looks like E6222 on left Many thanks


Thank you for your email, please find your correct Toilet Seat E620301 Jasper Morrison Seat and Cover  Normal Close

E621401 Jasper Morrison Seat and Cover Slow Close


Do you have Armitage Shanks Toilet Seat Cabria Kimera or Toscana Seat K700801 Ideal Standard Toilet Seat Code Under Toilet Cistern Lid H/M89 in stock


Yes we do for next day delivery please find below


How do I Fix my constantly Running/Dripping Ideal Standard Toilet


The major reason for dripping in all toilets is due to a worn Fill Valve Diaphragm, perished Flush Valve Seal or bad fill valve, first you need to identify what’s causing this and how to resolve the problem. This should be a straightforward fix, Flush the toilet and look for a fill valve leak. Lift up the float arm when the tank is filling to see if the water stops, if it doesn’t then it’s a Faulty Float Valve, you can either change the Float Valve or change the Diaphragm in them. If the Float Valve stops flowing when the arm is raised then it’s the Flush Valve/Syphon then a new seal is needed. Please ring us on 01482291992 in case of any further queries.

The Seals for Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks is SV01967 and the Fill Valve/Inlet Valve Diaphragm is SV90167

Find all Seals and Diaphragms here


Hi Can you please give me the dimensions to this seat, I think the one I have is Stylo but I’m not sure, I know it’s Bella Vista, BELLAVISTA STYLO ORIGINAL TOILET SEAT CLOSE WHITE CODE UNDER CISTERN LID IS 2314



Thank you and yes it is the Bellavista Stylo please kindly find the link for the both the soft Close/Slow Closing Seat with all the fittings and the Normal Close/Standard close with all the fittings. This are all original seats


Hello I'm wondering if you possibly have a replacement button for this concealed toilet system. It has a clear tube that connect onto the syphon to make it flush.

New layer...

Answer Morning John Thank you for your email, please kindly find below a link to your Oli push button which comes with the Chrome Cover Thank you

QUESTION Hi, I have 3 vitra toilets which work fine however I need to replace the hinges for the toilet seats (please find enclosed picture). Can you advise if you stock the respective hinges or could you suggest a company that might? For reference the gap between the screw holes from external edge of one hole to the external edge of the other is 2.5cm. I would also need self locking (expanding screws) to attach the seat to the top fixing holes. Can you also let me know if you stock plastic trim for shower screens. ANSWER Hi Jules, Thank you for your email, please kindly find your Vitra Hinges here



I am having an issue with my concealed cistern at present, whereby the fill valve seems to continue to draw a small amount of water after the float has signalled that the cistern is full. I can hear a small hiss noise like the sound of water flowing through. If I put pressure on the valve and push it tighter/closer to the inlet with my hand it seems to stop, therefore I'm wondering is there an issue here where the 2 are not sealing properly? Have you heard of this happening before? There is a pump to pump water to the toilets/showers etc. and this runs every 4/5 mins for 20 seconds which will eventually lead to premature failure of the pump. I am sure that this cistern is the issue as when I turn the flow off to this cistern the pump doesn't cycle through as it does normally.

 Whats there is Valsir, identical to :


Can you please advise when you get a chance? 


Hi Ken

Thank you for your email, the Fill/Valve Float Valve is full of Lime Scale, that is why it’s doing that the only best way is to change the inlet all together. Please kindly find the your Inlet Valve/Float Valve/Fill Valve here

Thank you


Good morning,

 Can you help us out ?

Do you know who sells Bellavista sanitary products in Belgium ?

If not, what is price for toilet seat see picture and do you deliver to Belgium ?

By comparing to your website it seems like model Duna.

 Yours sincerely,


Hi Jonckheere,

 Thank you for your email, we have this in stock for next day dispatch and we ship to all over the world Please find your Bellavista Duna Toilet Seat Here