Wall hung or wall mounted toilet systems are more stylish varieties where toilet cisterns remain concealed in a wall or panel and fitted with a chrome flush plate for gaining easy access and troubleshoot them in case any problem occurs. 

This kind of toilet requires a strongly built wall frame to hide the toilet cistern and support weight on the toilet. A wall-hung toilet should be placed on any wall or a furniture unit with professional cistern fittings so that it can function well and support properly. The wall mounting frame used for these toilets should be able to support weight up to 200kg so that they won’t have the risk of falling from the wall when the user sits on it. 

Enclosed toilet cisterns are even more commonly seen in the bathrooms of British people. They are stylish and space saving models as the toilet pan keeps mounted on the wall, leaving more space on floor and for easy sweeping and cleaning access.  These cisterns offer a number of distinctive advantages over conventional cisterns which take more space, but with some great features and exclusive design and architecture, you will find them worth installed in your bathroom.


Impressive Features of Enclosed Toilet Cisterns

  • Available in stylish models to make the best use of space by keeping the floor vacant
    • Matches your fantasy - adds great effect to your bathroom
    • Can always support weight of the user no matter how heavy is he/her
    • Saves more space and makes cleaning easier


So know first how commendable and worthy will be an enclosed toilet cistern for your birth room.


Cleaning convenience

Probably the best advantage of the enclosed toilet cistern is it keeps the pan hung above several inches from the floor. As a result you can easily sweep and clean underneath the toilet. There will be no dirt or dust to get built under it and no use of sealant to keep it fix on the floor and discolour with passage of time and no hard to access areas for cleaning. Many of these toilet cisterns have easy to clean and wipe sides that can be done within minutes.


Best Use of Space

Installing enclosed toilet cisterns allows you to save more space. Without the need of a bulky cistern fitting on the pan and getting visible outside, they get filled in very little space in your bathroom. Due to their compact size, you can place them near to furniture unit, shower enclosure or anything else you plan to fix in your bathroom.


You will have to find out the right space to hide the cistern and fittings but professional planning and wise making of stud walls or furniture units will result in a perfectly functioning wall hung toilet that would be appropriate for small size bathrooms. It is not just more space they save but also make the floor clutter free to create an impression of a large bathroom even with availability of small space.


Wow-Effect & Style

Since modernisation is definitely a strong factor these days, most of you like to have a wow-effect in your bathroom by fitting an enclosed cistern. They are very popular for their style value and modern effect which keep your bathroom always looking impressive.


If you are wondering about the usability of an enclosed toilet cistern, hopefully all the above points can help you decide it fast and easy. Getting ready to shop for one? Check out the latest collection of toilet cisterns on MyToiletSpares. We are a reliable toilet supplies store in UK offering the best selection of cistern fittings, cistern spare parts and enclosed toilet cisterns at the best possible price.


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