Please Note: We kindly request all Customers to check all Toilet seats thoroughly before installation, we will not be liable for any dents/cracks discovered after installation - Thank you


  1. Why Your Toilet Needs Concealed Cistern?

    With their space-saving, cleaning, and aesthetic benefits concealed cisterns are becoming very popular every passing day. Modern bathroom designs incorporate light, space, minimalism, and functionality. A toilet with concealed cistern saves valuable space as well as provide further valuable possibilities to the modern bathroom renovator.

    But how are you supposed to know if your toilet cistern has seen better days? If you are not a plumbing expert, it can be difficult to know whether you need a toilet cistern replacement, or if anything else is the problem. At MyToiletSpares, we are the

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  2. How To Select The Best Toilet Seat Made By Rak

    Might you want to change your toilet seat since it has become old or maybe because you need to give your washroom a decent look? In general, you can, without a very remarkable stretch, find a seat according to your liking, as there is a swarm of decisions for toilet seats. The assortment of a toilet seat is something that you should do accurately while considering various factors other than the look and adequacy. At My Toilet Spares, we have made accessible Rak Ceramics Toilet Seat, which will suit your taste and financial plan.

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  3. Aqualisa Quartz - The Reason Why You Should Always Opt For Thermostatic Shower Spares

    Here is the thing - you want a convenient, safe, and economical way to enhance your shower experience but have no idea where to start, right? You are aware of all the benefits of a thermostatic shower mixer, but do not know whether they are worth the investment?

    Whether used with your basin or bath, mixer taps are now far more common in England than separate pillar taps. At My Toilet Spares, thermostatic tap and shower parts are the best designed with the world’s most sensitive thermometer in mind: your skin. Our highest-quality Aqualisa Quartz tap and shower spares feature industry-leading technologies to ensure maximum showering safety and comfort. We have different styles available to match your installation and design requirements.

    If y

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  4. Why you need to invest in a Creavit toilet seat?

    Do you feel it is necessary to upgrade your Creavit toilet cistern or repair or replace any of its damaged parts? You may not be definite about which brand of spare parts to purchase or where to find the original Creavit toilet seat and at what price! Most people may not have perfect knowledge about the different plumbing parts and toilet accessories. If you belong to this group, you should ask our professional team.

    We will guide you in shopping for the right Creavit toilet seat for your toilet cistern. Otherwise, you can browse our online store to find some of the superior quality Creavit toilet seats that fit best for your needs. Our attractive price range will never leave you with a bad experience at all.   

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  5. How to select the best of toilet seats

    Are you thinking of changing the toilet seat? Maybe you are considering such because you have to give your washroom a decent look. Generally, you can without much of hassle find a seat according to your desire from us. There is a massive collection of such seats with us at My Toilet Spares. You need to, carefully select the toilet seat so that it is in accordance with the look and style that you wish to have. It would be best if you also considered whether that seat is ideal for the toilet you have. We at My Toilet Spares have made accessible Haro Toilet Seat, which will suit your taste and spending plan. 

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  6. The Benefit Of Selecting The Best Rak Toilet Seat For Your Home

    The toilet is a simple mechanism that lets you flush away waste. Whatever you term it, the bathroom toilet is one of the essential items in your house. But, by choosing the superior quality toilets, you can enjoy some unique features that make them better than the rest. Colour and cost always matter while finalizing a toilet seat. Also, you need to consider how much water it uses and how well it flushes. It matters more for you.

    A Rak brand toilet seat can be a good option that not only looks fancy to match your home appeal and cost but conserves water and generates enough power to clean the bowl in a single flush. Let's find out why the Rak toilet seats the right bathroom for you or is it free from the common problems for which you are suffering from the ordinary one. 

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  7. Ideal Standard Toilet Seats - Add a Gentle Touch of Elegance to your Bathroom!

    Here at MyToiletSpares, we are pleased to offer, Ideal Standard Toilet Seat replacements. We understanding how stressful experience replacing toilet seats can be. The first thing is you need to identify your toilet to find the correct toilet seat. Once you have found the correct toilet seat you need to find a reliable toilet seat provider. Here at MyToiletSpares we have years of experience in the bathroom industry and are here to help you while replacing your broken toilet seat. Why not browse what we have currently available and find the toilet seat you need, whether that is a soft close or a different type. We also have a range of toilet seat covers and hinges too as part of our collection of spare parts for toilets. Buy now!

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  8. Ideal Standard Toilet Spares - Troubleshooting Common Bathroom Problems

    The bathroom is one of the most frequented areas in every home, which requires being in a well-maintained condition. A malfunctioning toilet is the last thing anybody wants to deal with, and many a time this problem can get complex by not knowing what type of toilet you have. And how can you find toilet spare parts and accessories if you do not know which one will fit?

    Well, today you are in luck as we have designed a comprehensive guide on Ideal Standard toilet spares to help you figure out the parts you need for your toilet brand and model.

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  9. Five Reasons To Use Soft Close Toilet Seats And Hinges

    You can't think that you can solve many problems if you use soft close toilet seats. In case your soft close seat requires a fix, we at My Toilet Spares can make it possible to have the best quality soft close toilet seat hinges. Let us see why you need to use a soft close toilet seat.

    The reasons to use soft close toilet seats

    There are various reasons to use soft close toilet seats. Let us know them.

    No more slamming

    When you use a soft close seat, you will have an option to stop the toilet seat's slamming. It is seen that kids or adults pay little attention to the sound and slam the toilet seat. The sound sometimes

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  10. Soft Close Toilet Seat – How To Adjust It

    Soft-close toilet seats are made to lower the seat & lid silently within a few seconds. While almost maintenance-free, they may demand a little adjusting every now and then. While the lowering action on the majority of soft-close seats can’t be fine-tuned, it is simple to do small adjustments to the seat hinges in the event they become loose and the seat comes out of alignment or begin to slide around on top of the bowl. Considering the style of the soft-close toilet seat Hinges, you may need to take off the seat & lid to make the changes.

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