Please Note: We kindly request all Customers to check all Toilet seats thoroughly before installation, we will not be liable for any dents/cracks discovered after installation - Thank you


  1. Soft Close Toilet Seat – How To Adjust It

    Soft-close toilet seats are made to lower the seat & lid silently within a few seconds. While almost maintenance-free, they may demand a little adjusting every now and then. While the lowering action on the majority of soft-close seats can’t be fine-tuned, it is simple to do small adjustments to the seat hinges in the event they become loose and the seat comes out of alignment or begin to slide around on top of the bowl. Considering the style of the soft-close toilet seat Hinges, you may need to take off the seat & lid to make the changes.

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  2. Replace Your Toilet Seat Hinges In Place Of Buying A New Seat

    As far  as toilet hinges are concerned, there’re a wide range of option and something that you may have though would be a pretty straight-forward decision, can be rather tough when it comes to selecting the appropriate hinges. By narrowing down your choices, it’ll get much easier to avail the ideal hinges for your bathroom and this can transform the look of this area for the better.

    Toilet seat hinges usually avail as part of the toilet seat either as two hinges that can be installed individually or two hinges that are attached as a single unit with a supporting bar. Hinges work appropriately but there’re times that they can break and t

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  3. The Shape, Size And Fittings To Consider While Buying A Toilet Seat

    The toilet seat may be the ideal place for you to read the morning newspaper or to have a moment of relaxation after a hard day of work. If you do not have the best quality and nature of the toilet seat, then it will not be the ideal location either to read a newspaper or to relax. We at My Toilet Spares make it possible for you to have best of toilet seats along with toilet seat fittings to have a comfortable seat that functions well.

    Let us see the considerations about shape, size and fittings that you require to have to have the best of the toilet seat.

    If we have a look at what we need to consider, then it boils down to the below

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  4. Twyford Toilet Spares: Enjoy The Luxury of Greater Choice & Service

    From market-leading bathroom transforming ideas to the latest on-trend innovations, Twyford toilet spares can meet every individual taste and every customer budget. In its every range and collection, you will find clever technology to enhance and improve bathroom functionality.

    Twyford, for over 160 years, has led the way in state-of-the-art bathroom innovation and inventing products that proudly take bathroom design forward. We are committed to quality and come with 25-year guarantee on all ceramic items.

    Clever Thinking: Unique, market prospering ideas to make the bathroom experience luxurious, such as the first-ever Rimfree® toilet, the water-saving Flushwise® system, and Proclean glass coating.

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  5. How to pick the suitable Hatria toilet seat

    Picking another toilet seat can be confounding, as you are gone up against with columns and lines of white, pivoted plastic seats that from the outset can be bafflingly comparative. In any case, the correct Hatria toilet seat that you can have from us at My Toilet Spares can raise the appearance of your washroom suite, and ought to fit any toilet décor that you have at present. We are going to take a gander at the three things you should consider while picking a new toilet seat, and how they assist you with getting the look you want.  

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  6. Enclosed Toilet Cistern - Know How Effective and Commendable Is It?

    Wall hung or wall mounted toilet systems are more stylish varieties where toilet cisterns remain concealed in a wall or panel and fitted with a chrome flush plate for gaining easy access and troubleshoot them in case any problem occurs. 

    This kind of toilet requires a strongly built wall frame to hide the toilet cistern and support weight on the toilet. A wall-hung toilet should be placed on any wall or a furniture unit with professional cistern fittings so that it can function well and support properly. The wall mounting frame used for these toilets should be able to support weight up to 200kg so that they won’t have the risk of falling from the wall when the user sits on it. 

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  7. The Shower Spares To Keep Handy

    In the same way as other house owners, you could end up befuddled about how much decision is on offer for repairing your bathroom. For the littlest room in the house, it does not half have the foggiest idea of how to scrutinize even the most experienced DIY aficionado!

    We at My Toilet Spares offer a helpful guide that will help you to decide which Hudson Reed shower spares you needs to keep handy to have an uninterrupted relaxing shower after a hard day at work.

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  8. Buy Decorative Ceramic Toilet Seats Online

    Decorative toilet seats are among the most well-known types of toilet seats available these days. While standard toilets have a lid, a toilet seat, and a handle to flush, this is very much a narrative of an almost any toilet. There’re many pros to having such a critical component in your bathroom. In the cases of decorative toilet seats, the design and colors are built-in.

    It is easy to become besieged by the variety of decorative toilet seats available on the market at present. These types of bathroom fixtures avail in a wide range of styles and colors. They’re one more decorative fixture that can help “pull together” the ambiance of your bathroom.

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  9. Soft Close Toilet Seat Hinges: Embracing Superior Toilet Accessories

    Having a home with a remarkable outlook is not enough if you have a faulty toilet. The fact is that an awkward toilet experience can leave users with mild injuries. If you happen to be a landlord, you shouldn’t be surprised when you get regular complaints from tenants. Therefore, you need to ensure that you can deal with complaints quickly in the aspect of undertaking bathroom renovation or repairs. After all, the area in which you may be getting regular charges from your clients after is your toilet. Consequently, you may discover that your toilet seats have loose hinges, especially when a building is old. However, you can get a replacement for these accessories when you opt for soft close toilet seat hinges.

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  10. How To Buy Toilet Seat Hinges

    Toilet seat hinges usually avail as part of the toilet seat either as two hinges that can be installed individually or two hinges that are affixed as a single unit with a supporting bar. These work fine, but there’re times that they can snap & they should be replaced to use the toilet to its full effect. Before you go out & purchase the hinges there’re a few factors that should be considered to make sure you get the best product available.


    The market is loaded with a wide range of toilet seat hinges where you can pick one that is most appropriate for you. Make sure you know the kind of seat you’re using so that it can be installed without any issue. Feel free to check out different hardware stores online to make an informed decision. Ensure the hinge you buy is made from top-quality material so th

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