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  1. Planning For Heritage Bathrooms? Achieve Them Without Breaking Your Bank!

    When it’s about the bathroom revamp, homeowners are increasingly prioritising designs that are both functional and luxurious. Many people think that a heritage-inspired bathroom will cost them extra, proving more expensive than a regular contemporary or modern design.

    So, to help you on your way, we have come up with a post, to leave you with a classic bathroom from a bygone era and old-fashioned price to match. Heritage Bathrooms is known to give your home the kind of luxury you want from your daily bath. The items along the list are mesmerizing and will work for your budget. You will find something that will work for that bathroom space o

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  2. What Are The Benefits Of Ideal Standard Toilet Seats?

    Soft-closing Ideal Standard toilet seats are a practical and quiet alternative to traditional toilet seats. It is an asset to any bathroom, providing a comfortable solution for everyday use of the toilet. The modern and functional design of Ideal Standard toilet seats have the best feature as it closes slowly in a controlled manner. Also, it won’t need special assistance in its operation. Mentioned here are the main reasons why a soft close Ideal Standard toilet seats are a comfortable and helpful addition to any bathroom.


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  3. Perfect Standardtoilet Seats For Luxury Bathroom Suite At An Affordable Price

    Ideal Standard products have been at the forefront of bathroom design for over a century. Its innovative and dynamic models are the best solutions to suit your needs. But procuring a new one or replacing a toilet seat can be a stressful process. The first thing is you need to identify your toilet and find the correct toilet seat. Once you found the right toilet seat, you will need to find someone who is selling this toilet seat. 


    We are the leading manufacturer offering a massive choice of Toilet Seat products that genuinely suit your space, style, budget, and requirements. We also stock numerous ranges of Ideal S

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  4. Signs That Leads to the Replacement of Tap Parts and How to Effectively Do It

    Spilling taps may appear to be a simple DIY fix, however, underneath your exhausted washers, there could be something increasingly vile going on. Hearing an expert point of view could mean the contrast between a little trickle and an enormous catastrophe, so it is in every case great to avoid any risk. Our My Toilet Spares group has 5 convenient tips to tell if your tap needs replacement.

    Upsetting Drips 

    A moderate spilling or continually dribbling tap can squander up to 2,000 liters of water a month. We have all have the experience of been

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  5. How Do You Make the Right Choice of Toilet Seat?

    With so many toilet seats available for sale, choosing a new toilet seat can be bit confusing and baffling. A perfect toilet seat can uplift the overall look of your bathroom space and shouldn’t be considered differently as any piece of décor. Here are a few important things you should consider when choosing a new toilet seat:

    Consider shape and size.

    Toilets are of different sizes and shapes. To find the right seat, you have to work out on the shape and size of your pan. Generally, toilet seats are available in round or oval shapes; but you can opt for square shape.

    Your decision should be based on the shape of your toilet pan and it’s always best to match your toilet seat with your pan size. Even, you may find that some toilet seat

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  6. Cersanit Toilet: Embracing a Suitable Ceramic Brand

    Your home should be a reflection of perfection without little to no faults in the interior and exterior designs. Unfortunately, you may have a challenge in choosing the best items that can enhance its beauty. Therefore, you can work with quality brands that can assist you with your choice of items. Interestingly, a brand you shouldn’t neglect while installing a nice toilet is Cersanit. The fact is that Cersanit toilet is a mixture of quality and style. Therefore, here are some of the beneficial highlights of embracing this toilet for your building projects or refurbishing activities.

    1.    Moderate utility billing

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  7. How to Select the Ideal Toilet Seat

    Picking your perfect toilet seat is something that requires some time and thought. You need something that is going to last and will not come free after some time. With such a significant number of alternatives accessible currently notwithstanding picking a plain white seat toilet, be more enthusiastically than it appears.

    Choosing what hues, styles, material and capacities you might want to have toilet feel somewhat overpowering. We like to believe that with our toilet seat skill we could give you some assistance! We at My Toilet Spares have the best assortment of bathroom accessories including Cooke and Lewis toilet seat that you toilet have.

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  8. Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Toilet Seat

    As toilet is one of the most important parts of your home it becomes very essential that you should be watchful with what you purchase. Investing on a shoddy toilet seat due to its huge discount will only offer you with a noisy, uncomfortable and difficult to clean cheap seats.

    Here are the 2 mistakes that you want to avoid when buying your next toilet seat:

    Mistake 1: Incorrect measurement of the seat

    Toilet seats today avail in different measurements; one very common mistake that a lot of homeowners do when purchasing a new seat is forgetting to take measurement of their toilets.

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  9. Hudson Reed Shower Spares: Giving Your Bathrooms a Special Touch

    There are times in which you need to bathe hurriedly. The reason is that you are behind schedule for an important appointment. Unfortunately, you may end up wasting more time in the bathroom, owing to a faulty shower tap. Therefore, you find it difficult to rinse off lather on your face on time. The fact is that your lost time is an indication of an unpleasant bathroom system. Therefore, getting a replacement for worn-out spares can do you a lot of good. Apparently, you can get the best products from the Hudson Reed shower spares. This way, you rest assured of having no struggles while spending some time in the bathroom.  


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  10. Considerations to be Made While Buying a Toilet Seat

    One of the most interesting facts that has been found out as per a survey conducted by Reebok and Censuswide which is an international consulting firm is that about 1 to 1.5 years of the life of an average person is spent on the toilet whereas only 6 months of their lifetime is spent on exercise! Isn’t that reason enough to choose a comfortable and right toilet seat? Every toilet seat is not the same! When you have a toilet seat that is uncomfortable to use, it might not last longer. So are you tired of sitting on an uncomfortable toilet seat and want to replace it with a new and comfortable one? Then you need to take a few things into consideration before making the purchase! Have a look at those considerations below –

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