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Know your Toilet Seat Parts for easy Renovation of Bathroom

Monday, 23 October 2017 14:56:33 Europe/London

Just merely do not do a blind purchase of Toilet Pan or toilet seat!  Know your toilet seat part and its values well before buying theToilet Seat Parts online.  Toilet Seat Bolt, Toilet Seat Bumper Set, Toilet Seat Cover, Toilet Seat Hinge, Toilet Seat Hinge Washer are considered to be the key spares of a Toilet seat. Prevent corrosion in the stubborn seat, replacing worn out Toilet Seat Parts and make the next removal or maintenance easier.Toilet seats can become worn over time and may require a replacement. A new toilet seat is also an inexpensive way to update a toilet. Here is some simple way to update Toilet Seat and its parts.

Over time, usage can wear out Toilet Seat Parts or weaken them. Thinness, delicacy, and visible discoloration are good indications that plastic needs to be replaced. Cracked plastic should also be replaced immediately.

If necessary open the bolt caps to gain access to the seat fasteners. These are located at the back of the seat near the seat hinge. Some toilets may not have plastic covers for the bolts and for those with caps open these covers by prying upwards on them with a little pressure.

Detach the bolts with the appropriate tool like with a standard large size screwdriver.

Now it is the time to remove the seat from the toilet. Collect the Toilet Seat Parts like nuts, bolts, and any loose plastic or bolt covers that also go with the seat. Put these small pieces into a bag and tie them to the toilet seat so they don’t become lost.  Fine, your toilet seat is removed, now you can install a new one.

Dirtiness and buildup can contribute to the corrosion and degradation of your toilet seat and its hardware. For this reason, you should clean it regularly with a suitable general purpose bathroom cleaner.

Inspect other parts, like the hinges, the fasteners on the bottom of the seat, and the nut on the threaded end of the bolt. Replacing these before they degrade could save you a lot of trouble.

How to shop -

If you ever find yourself in the market for new toilet seats you may not know where to start. Online shopping experience gives options for many brands, quality, size and texture for all the various toilet seat spare parts.

Type of toilet seat-

you first need to determine if your toilet is oblong or round shaped before you decide on materials and colors. Is it big or small?  Proper measurement of toilet seat before shopping for a new one can be a better idea.

Plastic or wood toilet seat-

Your preference may depend on your past experiences. Wood toilet seats have some complaint of maintenance concerning with the materials, while plastic toilet seats have sometimes been viewed as less durable. If you’ve always had plastic toilet seats in the past, you might want to stick with the familiar one.

Type of hinges-

Being the most important Toilet Seat Parts hinge is designed to secure the toilet seat to the bowl and is fit to most toilet seats. These Toilet Seat Hingesprovide an easy substitute for replacing an entire seat. Do you want a standard hinge or smooth, dampened automatic close hinges? Plastic seats may have the new automatic slow-closing feature, saving you from the slam and sound you might have experienced from other toilet seats.

Color preference-

White is the most accepted toilet seat color, but you have other options as well. If you want to add a bit of flair to your bathroom, altering up the toilet seat serves as a nice-looking option.

Conclusion – 

Visit My Toilet Spares Today! My Toilet Spares carries a large collection of toilet seats from brands like Ideal Standard, Losanga, Bemis etc. and many other accessory choices for thebathroom, loo, and toilet. Visit our store today for all of your bathroom addition needs. If you need help determining what type of toilet seat you like to purchase, consult a member of our team! With a vast experience, we are serving as the best in the business with branded and genuine Toilet Seat Parts. Come see why our loyal customers and contractors say, “My Toilet Spares is the Best Hardware Store” today! Contact us today on Email:, 01482 291992 for all Toilet Seat Parts need.For more information you can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter  and google+ pages .

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Top Things to Know about the Toilet Seat Buffers

Wednesday, 27 September 2017 10:28:06 Europe/London

Toilet seat buffers are small pieces that provide a cushion between the toilet and the seat. These buffers are secured to the bottom of a toilet seat, which prevents the seat from moving when you sit on it. The buffers also help in preventing permanent damage to the toilet. The buffers are considered as a great product that can keep your toilet seat clean and prevents any kind of damage to the toilet. It can be said that toilet buffers extend the life of the toilets by giving it a fresh makeover.

Hatria YOP601 Daytime Toilet Seat buffers

How to Deal with the Worn Out Buffers?

Normally, the buffers get damaged or wear out because of constant usage. Worn out buffers can give you a tough time. With the worn out or lost buffers, you will find it hard to sit on the toilet. Using a toilet seat without the buffers will slowly destroy your toilet seat. It is found that most of the people leave their toilet seat without buffers. This can prove to be costly, as it results in damaging the toilet seat.

If you want to effectively deal with the worn out or lost toilet seat buffers, then consider replacing or installing new ones. This will prove to be an easy and cost-effective way to prevent damage to the toilet seat.

Image 1

Why should you install the Toilet Seat buffers?

The sturdy construction and design provide the buffers great strength and durability. For which, these are used to protect the toilet seat. Do you know installing buffers on the toilet seat proves to be great for heavier people? If you have heavier people in your family or workplace, then using the buffers prevents the risk of damage to the seat by balancing the person’s weight. No doubt installing the buffers will save you from replacing the toilet seat every extra few months. The buffers contribute to the toilet’s longevity.

How to Install or Replace the Buffers on the Toilet Seat?

Installing the Toilet Seat Buffers is quite hassle-free to install. If your buffers are worn-out, damaged or lost, then make sure to install or replace them.

Here is a DIY guide for an easy installation or replacement of the buffers, please have a look!

  • Lift up your toilet seat to scrub the area around the buffers with an old cloth or rag that is dampened with warm water. Make sure to thoroughly clean the area.
  • Take a flat-head screwdriver and slide it underneath the old buffer to push against it. This will help the worn out or old buffers to pop out. If the buffers are screwed in, then simply slide the flat-head screwdriver underneath the small circular cover in the center of the Toilet Seat Buffers to pop them out. Unscrew the attached screw and set them aside
  • Scrub the buffer area again to remove the dirt and debris, as the debris could cause the buffers to come loose later on. This will make the installation or replacement of the toilet seat buffer easier and more permanent.
  • Snap or Screw the new buffer in place (by using the hole of the previous buffer). It is important to ensure that the buffers are perfectly fitted or placed.
  • Set the toilet seat down and sit on it to test whether it is stable or not.

Image 1


Your toilet seat come with different models in plastic, wooden, soft close model, designer model, commercial model or bespoke model, children toilet seat, grooved toilet seat, traditional toilet seats and so on; it also varies with shape and sizes, colors and finishes  and hence it is obvious you have ample of choices for types of Toilet Seat Buffers for your house or offices in UK.


Where to Buy the Toilet Seat Buffers in the UK?


If you want to buy the toilet seat buffers in the UK, then rely on My Toilet Spares. We are one of the reputable online stores in the UK that offers a wide variety of branded and top quality toilet spares for sale online at affordable prices.


To find and make the right purchase of a suitable toilet seat buffer or Accessories, please browse through our webpage:   today!

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Know the Features and Mechanism of Push Button Toilets

Thursday, 18 May 2017 12:22:40 Europe/London

There are several names such as WC, water closet, lavatory, John, loo and crapper for the sanitary fixture called toilet that you use in private and public places. It is certainly not the most exciting of inventions, but you simply can’t live without it. It is found that 40% of the world’s population don’t have access to this basic sanitary fixture. On the contrary, people in Japan have automatically working toilets that use electricity to do everything from playing music and opening the toilet lid cover to closing it for the user. Most of today’s toilets are more moderate than them, but include pretty inventive mechanism, no matter whether they are push button toilets or dual flush toilets. Let’s find out the features and mechanism of push button toilets.

Features of Push Button Toilets

In these toilets, you need to press on the push button to ensure that all waste is gone. Push button toilets have the luxury of push button or flush which give you a smart and easy toilet option. In comparison to more than 2 billion people all across the world who don’t have this exclusive luxury for sanitation, your push button toilets are capable to wash out the waste from the toilet basin with as little pressure as a quick press on a button. Consisting of the push button toilet valve, tank, toilet seat and plastic toilet seat hinges, these toilets can quickly dispose of waste and flow it down a long vertical pipe while using considerable amount water in the flushing process. They can be seen to be installed everywhere starting from the developed to the wealthiest countries in the world, where leading a modern and hassle-free life is a major focus. Don’t you feel better if your toilet runs water in the basin with a button push and washes out waste without the tension of pouring water into it on your? This is the most beneficial feature of push button ones in use these days.

Operating Mechanism of Push Button Toilets

Initially, push button or flush toilet looks very simple. Apart from an Ideal Standard or Shires toilet seat, it has a long pipe for carrying waste down through the floor and a cistern working to flush water into the basin especially when someone presses or pushes the button. Most of the push button toilets are mechanical in nature whose cistern operates to flow water through the toilet with gravitational force and cleaning and sanitizing the basin for future use but not without the push of the button. They are absolutely mechanical as they keep flushing and refilling the cistern using the internal levers.

There is a lot more involved in the operation of push button toilets. When you push the button, the cistern flushes as well as gets automatically refilled by the faucet present on the side which continues till the cistern gets filled up without causing water overflow. The flushed out water keeps pouring through the swirl holes in the bowl rim and a siphon jet hole present in the bottom area of the toilet. The sophisticated technology of these holes leaves the toilet with little water in the bottom after every push button. They never take out water completely. Rather, they keep some water trapped in the curved (S-trap or S-bend) pipe fitted at its base. With this much of water, it becomes possible to effectively close off the waste disposal pipe under it, preventing bad odour or germs from coming up and spreading across your bathroom.

All the exclusive details regarding the features and mechanism of a push button toilet may add to your interest of purchasing it from any reliable online store in the UK. If you want to deal with an experienced and affordable online supplier, consider ordering push buttons toilets with Mytoiletspareparts and enjoying free of cost delivery throughout the country! For price details of other toilet spare parts like Shires toilet seat and plastic toilet seat hinges, you can reach and communicate with us through our facebook ,twitter, google+, instagram , pinterest and pages. Additionally, you can have answers to complicated queries on toilet spares and accessories and plenty of tips by contacting our expert sales persons at 01482291992 today!


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Tips To Buy Ideal Standard Toilet Seat For Your Needs

Thursday, 18 May 2017 12:14:01 Europe/London

Content: - Toilet seats are one of the most necessary toilet spares that can add a certain level of comfort to your bathroom. They are more than just the basic bathroom necessity. Usually, toilet seats come up in different finishes to suit your bathroom style the best. Whether you are looking to buy a modern, contemporary toilet seat or perhaps an ideal standard toilet seat with a perfect finish, choosing the one best suiting your needs can be the best decision.

Being an important element of a toilet, the toilet seat can offer a big effect on its overall look, feel and shape. There are quite a few options to choose from, including different materials and finishes as well as design. This buying guide will help you to get the best standard toilet seats and what you should think about when choosing one:

Wide Varieties of Toilet Seats: -

Standard: - A standard toilet seat can be traditional or contemporary in style and can come in a wide array of finishes and materials.

Soft Close: - Soft close toilet seats are designed to offer a smooth closing mechanism for the lid and seat so that it can’t bang against the bowl if you allow it to go. Providing a great feel of luxury, it can also be a good investment for family bathrooms, helping to get rid of trapped fingers.

Materials: - The toilet seats available on the market are manufactured from several different materials; which makes it quite easy for you to find the perfect match for your toilet.

Thermoplastic: - It’s one of the most popular materials used for contemporary toiler seats. It provides an appealing, hard wearing finish; which is quite easy to clean.

Thermoset: - Are you looking for stylish, contemporary toilet seats? Then, thermoset is a deluxe polymer material; which is hard wearing and durable as well as will remain attractive for years to come.

Solid Wood: - It can be a great choice for traditional bathrooms and comes in a choice of finishes to suit your style, including plain white and natural oak.

Installing a Toilet Seat: - Replacing a toilet seat can be a simple, yet easy process. Most of ideal standard toilet seats have best fittings and need basic tools like a screw driver. If you’re buying a new seat for your existing toilet, be sure to check out all the measurements to make sure that it will fit the best. Toilet seats can come in a variety of shapes and sizes; so choose ideal standard toilet seat for your toilet and get extreme level of comfort and luxury.

Conclusion: - MTS is a UK based toilet spare parts supplier providing with a huge collection of high standard and exquisite spare parts at competitive prices. Hence, it will best for you to place an order of ideal standard toilet seat at MTS and get toilet spares of your choice for your bathroom. For more information, reach us online or call us at 01482291992.


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Choose Quality and Branded Cistern Spares for Repairing and Replacement

When it becomes necessary to upgrade your toilet cistern or purchase new cistern parts to repair or replace the damaged cistern parts, you may not be sure as to which brand spare parts to purchase, where to find the original ones and important is what price range to stick to! Well, many of you don’t have perfect knowledge about the different plumbing parts, cistern spare parts and other toilet accessories. If you belong to this group, you should ask a professional plumber to guide you in shopping the right spare parts for your toilet cistern. Otherwise, you can browse online to find some toilet parts distributors dealing in the best quality and popular brand products like Armitage and Grohe cistern spares at economic rates that will never leave you with a bad experience at all.

Grohe Cistern Spares - The Best Combination of Quality and Function

With more than 7 decades of experience in manufacturing toilet spares and accessories, Grohe has become a familiar name in kitchen and bath plumbing industry. It understands customer’s concerns and requirements while using the expertise to produce stylish and functional spares for toiletries. Grohe has an extensive network of professional consultants who are specialised in toilet cistern parts and can help you select from its collection of products that will be appropriate for your toilet and restore back its functional ability. Grohe cistern spares are available all over the world and comply with all building codes regarding use of sanitary products.

The appealing designs of Grohe products are made from the deluxe materials and reflect advanced technologies to offer great lasting value to clients. Reliable and functional, each Grohe cistern spare part is designed for ultimate performance and to survive regular use. A combination of elegance and performance, Grohe cistern fittings and faucets deliver futuristic solutions for every complicated toilet cistern issue. Designed perfectly and engineered skillfully in Germany, the wide range of Grohe cistern spare parts complement all kinds of interior and serves the flushing needs in sanitation.

Toilet cisterns play an important role in sanitation and Grohe focuses on to manufacture products that add value to this process. As a leading player in toilet products industry, it comes up with a range of contemporary solutions that considerably minimize operation costs whilst paying back in a very short span of time. Apart from bringing energy and water savings, Grohe cistern spares assure to add to longevity of your toilet and make you enjoy it for years.

Online Store in UK for Reliable Shopping Experience

It is unneeded to say, you should shop for Grohe cistern spares from an online supplier of original and reliable toilet cistern spare parts. You can land on MTS or MyToiletSpares, an online distributor in UK who supplies the popular brand products at the best possible price and with free shipping service all across the UK.

We are a great place to shop for a range of replacement toilet cistern spare parts and accessories of assured quality. Be it Grohe Push and Plate buttons, Grohe Flush and Filling valves, Grohe dual flush cistern, Grohe mechanical cistern, Grohe WC concealed cistern, Grohe Eau2 Cistern spare parts, Grohe Rapid SL WC cistern spare parts, Grohe Villeroy and Boch Amadeus spare parts, Grohe air button hose union, Grohe air tube Coupling piece, Grohe AV1 valve seal, Grohe actuation bolt, Grohe control sleeve or Neostrahl Tap Spares, you will have unequalled customer support and fast delivery by us.

To buy spare parts from any other international brand like Armitage or Ideal standard, you can connect to us on facebook, Twitter or Pinterest or even call us on 01482 291992.


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Enclosed Toilet Cistern - Know How Effective and Commendable Is It?

Thursday, 18 May 2017 11:42:56 Europe/London

Wall hung or wall mounted toilet systems are more stylish varieties where toilet cisterns remain concealed in a wall or panel and fitted with a chrome flush plate for gaining easy access and troubleshoot them in case any problem occurs.

This kind of toilet requires a strongly built wall frame to hide the toilet cistern and support weight on the toilet. A wall-hung toilet should be placed on any wall or a furniture unit with professional cistern fittings so that it can function well and support properly. The wall mounting frame used for these toilets should be able to support weight up to 200kg so that they won’t have the risk of falling from the wall when the user sits on it.

Enclosed toilet cisterns are even more commonly seen in the bathrooms of British people. They are stylish and space saving models as the toilet pan keeps mounted on the wall, leaving more space on floor and for easy sweeping and cleaning access. These cisterns offer a number of distinctive advantages over conventional cisterns which take more space, but with some great features and exclusive design and architecture, you will find them worth installed in your bathroom.

Impressive Features of Enclosed Toilet Cisterns

• Available in stylish models to make the best use of space by keeping the floor vacant

• Matches your fantasy - adds great effect to your bathroom

• Can always support weight of the user no matter how heavy is he/her

• Saves more space and makes cleaning easier

So know first how commendable and worthy will be an enclosed toilet cistern for your birth room.

Cleaning convenience

Probably the best advantage of the enclosed toilet cistern is it keeps the pan hung above several inches from the floor. As a result you can easily sweep and clean underneath the toilet. There will be no dirt or dust to get built under it and no use of sealant to keep it fix on the floor and discolour with passage of time and no hard to access areas for cleaning. Many of these toilet cisterns have easy to clean and wipe sides that can be done within minutes.


Best Use of Space

Installing enclosed toilet cisterns allows you to save more space. Without the need of a bulky cistern fitting on the pan and getting visible outside, they get filled in very little space in your bathroom. Due to their compact size, you can place them near to furniture unit, shower enclosure or anything else you plan to fix in your bathroom.

You will have to find out the right space to hide the cistern and fittings but professional planning and wise making of stud walls or furniture units will result in a perfectly functioning wall hung toilet that would be appropriate for small size bathrooms. It is not just more space they save but also make the floor clutter free to create an impression of a large bathroom even with availability of small space.


Wow-Effect & Style

Since modernisation is definitely a strong factor these days, most of you like to have a wow-effect in your bathroom by fitting an enclosed cistern. They are very popular for their style value and modern effect which keep your bathroom always looking impressive.

If you are wondering about the usability of an enclosed toilet cistern, hopefully all the above points can help you decide it fast and easy. Getting ready to shop for one? Check out the latest collection of toilet cisterns on MyToiletSpares. We are a reliable toilet supplies store in UK offering the best selection of cistern fittings, cistern spare parts and enclosed toilet cisterns at the best possible price.

To take advantage of our latest deals and offers, keep connected to us on facebook, Twitter or Pinterest or make a call on 01482 291992 right away.



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4 Amazing Advantages Of Including Concealed Cistern in Your Toilet

Thursday, 18 May 2017 11:07:26 Europe/London

Nowadays, unattractive open toilet cisterns, pedestal toilets and waste pipes can be thing of the past. Whether you’re presently remodeling your current bathroom or making a new one, you must consider using a built-in cistern. A spokesperson of My Toilet Spares here offered some insights into the working and benefits of built-in cistern.

What’s a concealed cistern?

A concealed cistern isn’t noticeable to your naked-eye, but instead hidden at the back of a wall. Generally speaking, concealed cisterns are assembled into the wall – only the flush plate & toilet pan will be noticeable, which are accessible in a variety of designs & colors to match any bathroom style.

Let’s have a look at some of the practical benefits of concealed cisterns:

More room: Since concealed cisterns are assembled into the wall, they save a significant amount of space in your bathroom that’d otherwise have been consumed by cistern. Furthermore, if you select a wall hung toilet-pan rather than a floor standing one, the free flow of floor space produce the semblance of added roominess.

Hygienic and easy to clean: Concealed cisterns & wall hung toilet pans offer the perfect easy to clean and most favorable hygiene solution – no obstruction to wash around, just undisturbed flooring area that can be cleaned & disinfected rather easily. Smaller in dimension and lesser nooks & crannies, the flushing of toilet pan is unbelievably easy.

Design Liberty: With concealed cisterns you can pair your choice of flush plate or actuator and wall hung or floor standing toilet-pan to perfectly complementing your bathroom’s precise style & design.

Amazing strength & durability: Concealed cisterns also feature significant strength & durability, in spite of these attributes seeming unlikely qualities of a toilet that’s efficiently hanging off a wall. As concealed cisterns can tolerate up to 400 kilograms of weight, it can pretty easily support even the heaviest of users who make use of it.

A common misconception about concealed bathroom cisterns is that they are hard to service, however a plumber can easily access all serviceable parts of your cistern depending on how it is installed

For any type of cistern spare parts at an affordable price contact My Toilet Spares at 01482 291992!

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Want To Replace Your Toilet Cistern? 3 Easy Steps To Do It!

Thursday, 18 May 2017 10:56:32 Europe/London

Replacing a toilet cistern shouldn’t be a tough or time taking task if you can pursue some basic instructions. The cistern is no doubt the most vital part of a toilet, and if it stops functioning or get damaged for any reason, you may have to think about the replacement of it. The cistern is the part that suck water into the toilet as soon as the flush handle is employed. If your cistern is damaged or cracked by any means, it’ll begin to drain, and the best and most practical way to manage such a problem is by replacing it totally.

Now, you are wondering how to replace the cistern? Let me guide you in three easy steps.

Step 1: Make Basic Preparations:

Prior to you start, get a brand new cistern to apply in your toilet. Dimension of each cistern is very standard, and your main focus should be more on aesthetics, for example, whether you wish a ceramic or plastic one. Plumbing tape can be brought from your nearest hardware shop, and an adjustable wrench you may have in your regular tool box.

To start the process, first deactivate the water supply to your toilet. You can discover a valve, possibly below the toilet by the wall. Rotate the valve clockwise to separate the water-supply. Then flush out the toilet to eliminate any residual water, and you must discover that the cistern doesn’t start re-stuffing.

Step 2 – Take Away the Old Cistern:

You can find a water conduit pipe at the foot of the cistern. This maybe be fastened with screws to the cistern. Detach this to move it out of the way. The cistern then can be taken away from the bowel of the toilet.

You will discover that the cistern is connected with the bowl by innumerable nuts & bolts. The fittings avail in diverse sizes, thus you must have an adjustable spanner close to you to exclude them. In several cases, there maybe metal or plastic toggle nuts that can be removed more effortlessly. Ensure to eliminate any washers and also place the fittings nearby somewhere securely where you can’t lose them. You have to reach inside the cistern and take away any washers and bolts once you excluded the nuts.

To exclude the old cistern physically, just lift it out of place once you’ve separated the connections.

Step 3: Fit the New Cistern:

Setup the new cistern with the same approach that you have used to remove the old one. Ensure that it lines up appropriately and the gasket discovered on the foot lines up with the opening at the reverse side of the bowl. Make use of plumber’s tape to wrap the conduit of the new cistern, and then refasten the water conduit pipe to the new cistern. And now its time to turn on the water supply. The cistern must begin to fill with water again. Ensure to examine the new installation for leakages prior to continuing.

If you are in the market for some hard to find cistern spare parts, you better contact My Toilet Spares for a jaw-dropping deal. We stock cistern spare parts belongs to a variety of reputed brands including Roca, KOHLIER, and many others. For any type of help or further inquiry, please feel free to e-mail us at

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Toilet Spares – Top 3 Signs to Replace Them

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 15:13:02 Europe/London

Want to renovate your home? Nothing feels better than to upgrade a home and have everything new and shiny. Like every homeowner, you must enjoy upgrading a refrigerator, adding up new technology in all appliances even having a modern fixture with all the bells and whistles. But new spare parts for a toilet or a brand new toilet? They might not be on your home remodeling priority list.

But keep in mind that a toilet is a toilet, right! It goes through thousands gallons water every year. Each and every time you press the flush; it applies stress on rubber seals, pipes and the porcelain bowl. While toilets have a long lifespan, there can telltale which signs that it’s time for the replacement of toilet spare parts.

Thinking to Update Your Toilet -

Do you own a home for long? Living with the toilet installed when it was installed first? If yes, it may be time for an update. Not only are old toilets prone to cracks and leaks, they are also water hogs as well. However, currently toilets use a fraction of the water with every flush as compared to traditional toilets. And with today’s latest technology, they make less noise with every flush. So, you should look at a few signs that will help you know that your toilet spares need the replacement:

1. If Your Toilet Uses More Water -

Now, there’s huge availability of highly efficient toilets with improved flushing ability as they use only 1.3 gallons water per each flush. According to the Energy Policy Act 1992, all toilets must have a standard flush level of 1.6 gallons of water (6 litres). Earlier, toilets used around 3.4 gallons of water. If your toilet is from the original construction, you might be using almost three times more water per flush. Hence, considering the replacement of ideal toilet spares can be a better alternative to get rid of the over- usage of water throughout a year.

2. If Your Toilet Moves -

Do you ever touched the toilet? Does it move? If yes, then it can caused by different things like – a degraded wax ring under the toilet, loose mounting bolts or a rotten subfloor; which can make a toilet to shift. While loose mounting bolts can be tightened, they can crack the porcelain if tightened more. Before the entire toilet system goes out of hand, you should make the purchase of spare parts like Vernon Tutbury spares.

3. If Your Toilet is Damaged

If you’ve a toilet from the construction of your home, you may find cracks around the curves or chips in the finish. Even, you may hear a slight water drip when it’s not in use. Moreover, a small leak in toilet can lead to wastage of hundreds gallons of water every year. Besides, when the water starts seeping into your home, it can offer disastrous damage to your whole property. Instead of waiting for the disastrous consequences to happen, you should invest in top quality Vernon Tutbury spares for your toilet.

Conclusion -

Though you can repair the damaged toilet spares on your own, you should buy ideal standard Vernon Tutbury spares from My Toilet Spares to make sure that your toilet parts to be working fine without any hazards. Check out our wide selection of toilet spares and be sure of getting the perfect match for your needs and budget! For more information, browse through our website today at or feel free to contact us today at 01482 291992 or drop an e-mail for us!



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