When you become a homeowner or rent from a lousy landlord, you ultimately become acquainted with how a toilet works. It is because there isn't always time to wait for a plumber. It would help if you fixed something right away, so you get the toolbox out and figure it out. Sometimes it's fixed, and sometimes it's not. If you have an issue finding a suitable toilet seat & its part, we can help you find the best toilet seat for you and also at a best price. 

We frequently receive inquiries regarding how to find the right size toilet seats & how to measure them correctly. It has some good reasons behind it. Not all toilets are made the same. It is often difficult to judge whether your toilet bowl is round or elongated just by looking at it. Do you know what a rounded and elongated or extended bowl toilet is! One fact is that almost every merchant & online seller (including us) won’t accept returns on the sold toilet seats. It is being refused for sanitary or hygienic reasons. So, make sure that you're getting a suitable toilet seat for your toilet. We understand that doing it quickly becomes a stressful endeavour.

My Toilet Spare, on the other hand, is here to assist with simple instructions on how to properly measure for a new toilet seat. You can either use your existing toilet seat or your toilet bowl if you have a new toilet that did not come with one. It is essential to understand things thoroughly. It's possible that the measurements of the toilet seat you buy aren't always 100% accurate. Secondary manufacturers make the majority of toilet seats available in the market. The toilet seat parts & toilet seats are sometimes not manufactured by the same company that made the toilet. Therefore, there may be minimal differences in measurements which you will find in different seats. But don’t worry! Our toilet seat parts & toilet seat collections can fit a more significant number of toilets irrespective of brands, shapes and sizes. So, make sure to get the right size toilet seat & toilet seat parts when you are searching for toilet seat parts.Things to Remember before selecting the toilet seat & its part:

  • Always measure at the broadest or longest point, except when measuring bolt holes, which should be measured center to center. 
  • Before you buy, compare the size of the toilet seat you want to buy to your measures to be sure they're near.
  • 5-1/2" is a typical bolt spread.
  • 14" - 14-1/2" is the standard width of the toilet seat.
  • 16" - 17" is a typical circular length of the toilet seat.
  • 18" - 19" is a typical elongated/extended length of the toilet seat.
  • Toilets are not used as stepping stones or stools! So, never stand or crouch on your toilet seat or bowl.

A measuring tape, a pen, and some paper are all you'll need to get start the toilet seat replacement project. Then follow some basic instructions to ensure you get a suitable toilet seat for your existing toilet. We've included basic parameters for most toilet seats; if your figures deviate significantly from these ranges, or if your bowl is unusually shaped, please measure again or contact us for assistance. Apart from that you can always check out our complete toilet seat index listing for brand-specific toilet seats, decorative toilet seats, Basic Round & Elongated Seats, Soft-Close Wood Toilet Seats, Soft Padded Toilet Seats, Elongated / Extended Seats, Bidet Toilet Seats, Round Seats, Colored Seats, Commercial Toilet Seats, Sculptured Toilet Seats, Designer Toilet Seats, Children's Toilet Seats, Oversized (Extra Large) Toilet Seats or other hard-to-find seats for older toilets at our online store.


You will find an assortment of toilet seat collections at My Tiolet Spares, which you can find anywhere on the Internet. So whether you just need a primary seat or looking for a uniquely coloured