As toilet is one of the most important parts of your home it becomes very essential that you should be watchful with what you purchase. Investing on a shoddy toilet seat due to its huge discount will only offer you with a noisy, uncomfortable and difficult to clean cheap seats.

Here are the 2 mistakes that you want to avoid when buying your next toilet seat:

Mistake 1: Incorrect measurement of the seat

Toilet seats today avail in different measurements; one very common mistake that a lot of homeowners do when purchasing a new seat is forgetting to take measurement of their toilets.

Types of toilet seats:

Well, there’re 2 types of toilet seats that you can find in majority of the stores today – elongated and round toilet seats.

  • Elongated toilet seats: Elongated toilet seats are oval-shaped seats and they measure at around 18.5”.
  • Round toilet seats: These toilet seats are rounder & shorter than the elongated ones and they measure at around 18.5”.

Mistake 2: Cost over the quality:

Who don’t like to buy something when there is a massive discount going on at a store near you?

One of the most common mistakes that a lot of homeowners do when purchasing a toilet seat is taking advantage of the huge bargain without considering the quality of the seat.

Quality products quality products are way better than purchasing something cheap that looks eye-catching. If you’re not planning to replace your present toilet seat more frequently, buy one which is made from quality materials & that assures durability. You can consider Cooke and Lewis Toilet Seat from My Toilet Spares if quality is your top priority.

Here are a few features you must check out when looking to buy a top-quality toilet seat:

  • It must be comfortable to sit on
  • It must be ergonomically designed to ease out muscle stress when sitting on the toilet.
  • It must be durable & secured to prevent twisting around
  • It must be easy to clean & maintain
  • It must be easy to set up
  • It must have some additional features such as cleansing attachment

Similar to choosing the bowl, investing on the right toilet should be your top most priority when refurbishing your bathroom. This is all about comfort and the look of your bathroom.