Toilets are one of the most commonly used equipments of a bathroom in every home or commercial space. The toilet must be functional and designed to maximize the user's comfort. Noisy toilet seats are always annoying. No people like to enjoy loud sounds in their toilet seat due to the squeaking of hinges or banging of lids while opening and closing it several times a day. Luckily, some easy approaches can be employed to make a toilet seat close more quietly. We offer Roca a soft, closed toilet seat to get rid of such an annoying situation.


Roca Soft-closing toilet seats are the practical and quietest alternative to traditional toilet seats. The modern and functional features of Roca soft close toilet seat designs make your bathroom experience convenient. You can take advantage of progressive and cushioned automatic closing while adding a Roca soft close toilet seat. It will get closed softly, and it only needs a light touch of your fingers. With a gentle touch, the lid and the seat close by themselves. It is a simple and soft-close, driven only by a slight downward impulse, and it seems like you have not touched anything at all. You will not put the lid or the seat down with force for a faster close.


The Soft-Close system in the Roca soft close toilet seat has a smooth closure system. It is a unique technology used to put the toilet lid and the toilet seat down. Such a soft-close technique prevents the lid from suddenly falling and makes a bang sound or any annoying noise. With Roca soft close toilet seats, putting both the seat and the lid down is smoother, slower and quieter. Therefore, it will increase comfort and ease of use. Such toilet seats close slowly in a controlled manner and won't need any assistance. It is safe to use by children and older adults.

The manufacturer conducts continuous tests to ensure the quality, performance consistency and durability of Roca soft close toilet seats. It will function perfectly for longer with a bit of maintenance and proper use. Apart from that we also offer a warranty on the seat hinges. Another feature of the Roca soft close toilet seat is that they can disassemble and detach effortlessly. It ensures greater ease of cleaning. So you achieve maximum sanitary ware hygiene. Installing a soft close seat to an existing toilet is a swift and straightforward process, even for DIY novices. If you want to try out a softer toilet seat but don't want to commit to replacing it just yet, then a Roca soft close toilet seat can be a good option. These can be the best & gentle alternative to noisy toilet seat closure. Also, it will make you feel cosy and comfy. 


Roca soft close toilet seats are an asset to any bathroom, and it provides a comfortable solution for everyday use. Whatever the shape or style of your Roca toilet, we have a soft closing seat for you. Please call us today on 01482 291992 to know more about our product line!