Soft-close toilet seats are made to lower the seat & lid silently within a few seconds. While almost maintenance-free, they may demand a little adjusting every now and then. While the lowering action on the majority of soft-close seats can’t be fine-tuned, it is simple to do small adjustments to the seat hinges in the event they become loose and the seat comes out of alignment or begin to slide around on top of the bowl. Considering the style of the soft-close toilet seat Hinges, you may need to take off the seat & lid to make the changes.

Step 1:

Check out the design of your toilet seat to find out which style you have. Have a look at the back of the bowl, underneath the hinge areas. If you find a wing nut or any other kind of nu threaded onto a bolt, you can fine-tune the seat’s positioning without taking off the seat & lid. If not, take off the seat & lid to have access to the hinge screws.

Step 2:

Make use of an adjustable wrench to loosen the nuts adequately so that you can move the seat freely. Fine-tune the seat so it’s aligned with the front & sides of the bowl. Then, retighten the nut, but be careful to not overtighten them.

Step 3:

Take off the seat and lid by first lifting them until they’re in their most vertical positions. Keeping in mind the style of your toilet seat, one of the 2 procedures can be employed to let go the seat and lid from the hinges. If you come across a release button positioned on the bottom center of the seat, press it. Or else, push both release buttons on the inside ends of the hinges. Hold the lid & seat together and pull upwards to lift them off the hinge pins.

Step 4:

Take out the hinge caps to see the hinge screw. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws just enough so that you can fine-tune the hinges to relocate the seat. Reinstall the lid and seat temporarily by pushing them back down onto the hinge pins. Close the lid and seat, and lineup them with the front & sides of the bowl. Tighten the screws, take off the seat, place the hinge caps back on, and reinstall the lid and seat.

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