The Ideal Standard toilet might be one of the most straightforward plumbing fixtures people rely on today. But unfortunately, it may overwhelm the majority of homeowners as they have no idea how the Ideal Standard toilet parts work or what they do. That's a shame because many minor problems with a toilet are so simple to fix. An average person could comfortably and confidently do it without special tools and no formal training.


Knowing all about your toilet can be super helpful if you ever have a problem, but it may not be very interesting for everyone. These are the three most important Ideal Standard toilet parts subjected to break for plumbing maintenance.


Flapper: Flappers are also known as ‘stoppers’ because they are designed to stop the drain at the bottom of your tank. It is the inner parts of your toilet that work together to make the flush. The flapper lifts when you push down the handle, allowing water to be pushed through the trap and into your sewer. The flapper is a stopper that keeps water from constantly flowing through the toilet.


A worn-out flapper can be easily identified by an obnoxious dripping sound from your toilet, particularly when it isn't running. When your toilet turns on and starts running again, even after nobody has used it or flushed it, you probably have  a leak in your tank down to your bowl. It may happen due to a worn-out flapper.


Fill Valve: The fill valve is responsible for opening and closing your toilet's connection to the water supply. The toilet tank receives water from a supply line. Your connecting hose sends water into the fill valve, which then opens or closes as necessary to let the water fill the reservoir tank of your toilet. The float on the fill valve increases when the water in the tank rises. 

  • The toilet stops filling when the float reaches the top of the fill valve. 
  • Water can blast upward from the fill valve, causing it to drip out of the tank and onto the floor. 
  • The fill valve won't ever close again, so water will keep pouring into the tank.
  • The fill valve does not function properly, causing your toilet to flush but not refill.

Simply changing the fill valve in its entirety will solve your problem. It is available at My Toilet store, which costs no more than £5 to £15. You take just a few minutes to install with no specialized tools!



Your stopper needs to be raised by the handle so that water can quickly drain out of the tank and into the bowl below. However, handles are often constructed using relatively low-grade metal materials to keep costs down. It is okay because they generally don't need to support a ton of weight. But the constant exposure to a water-rich environment inside a toilet tank means handles corrode and eventually fail. If you lift or press your toilet handle and nothing happens, you probably have an issue at your handle.


Replacing these Ideal Standard toilet parts is also simple. You can order the precise handle from our online store. It will surely fit all types of toilets. Ensure that the one you choose reflects the fashion you are going for. Otherwise, you might find that your new handle can't flush your toilet.


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