Toilet seat buffers are small pieces that provide a cushion between the toilet and the seat. These buffers are secured to the bottom of a toilet seat, which prevents the seat from moving when you sit on it. The buffers also help in preventing permanent damage to the toilet. The buffers are considered as a great product that can keep your toilet seat clean and prevents any kind of damage to the toilet. It can be said that toilet buffers extend the life of the toilets by giving it a fresh makeover.

How to Deal with the Worn Out Buffers?

Normally, the buffers get damaged or wear out because of constant usage. Worn out buffers can give you a tough time. With the worn out or lost buffers, you will find it hard to sit on the toilet. Using a toilet seat without the buffers will slowly destroy your toilet seat. It is found that most of the people leave their toilet seat without buffers. This can prove to be costly, as it results in damaging the toilet seat.

If you want to effectively deal with the worn out or lost toilet seat buffers, then consider replacing or installing new ones. This will prove to be an easy and cost-effective way to prevent damage to the toilet seat.

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Why should you install the Toilet Seat buffers?

The sturdy construction and design provide the buffers great strength and durability. For which, these are used to protect the toilet seat. Do you know installing buffers on the toilet seat proves to be great for heavier people? If you have heavier people in your family or workplace, then using the buffers prevents the risk of damage to the seat by balancing the person’s weight. No doubt installing the buffers will save you from replacing the toilet seat every extra few months. The buffers contribute to the toilet’s longevity.

How to Install or Replace the Buffers on the Toilet Seat?

Installing the Toilet Seat Buffers is quite hassle-free to install. If your buffers are worn-out, damaged or lost, then make sure to install or replace them.

Here is a DIY guide for an easy installation or replacement of the buffers, please have a look!

  • Lift up your toilet seat to scrub the area around the buffers with an old cloth or rag that is dampened with warm water. Make sure to thoroughly clean the area.
  • Take a flat-head screwdriver and slide it underneath the old buffer to push against it. This will help the worn out or old buffers to pop out. If the buffers are screwed in, then simply slide the flat-head screwdriver underneath the small circular cover in the center of the Toilet Seat Buffers to pop them out. Unscrew the attached screw and set them aside
  • Scrub the buffer area again to remove the dirt and debris, as the debris could cause the buffers to come loose later on. This will make the installation or replacement of the toilet seat buffer easier and more permanent.
  • Snap or Screw the new buffer in place (by using the hole of the previous buffer). It is important to ensure that the buffers are perfectly fitted or placed.
  • Set the toilet seat down and sit on it to test whether it is stable or not.

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Your toilet seat come with different models in plastic, wooden, soft close model, designer model, commercial model or bespoke model, children toilet seat, grooved toilet seat, traditional toilet seats and so on; it also varies with shape and sizes, colors and finishes  and hence it is obvious you have ample of choices for types of Toilet Seat Buffers for your house or offices in UK.


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