From market-leading bathroom transforming ideas to the latest on-trend innovations, Twyford toilet spares can meet every individual taste and every customer budget. In its every range and collection, you will find clever technology to enhance and improve bathroom functionality.

Twyford, for over 160 years, has led the way in state-of-the-art bathroom innovation and inventing products that proudly take bathroom design forward. We are committed to quality and come with 25-year guarantee on all ceramic items.

Clever Thinking: Unique, market prospering ideas to make the bathroom experience luxurious, such as the first-ever Rimfree® toilet, the water-saving Flushwise® system, and Proclean glass coating.

Great Experience: As we are the industry leaders in bathroom design for over 160 years, you will get guaranteed quality and superb performance along the way.

Good Looks: Twyford toilet spares not just perform amazingly, they look terrific too. Form and function combine to create style statements for modern bathrooms. Practical, durable, smart, and stunning, you will get a perfect solution, every time.

Experienced Team: We continue delivery from design and production to marketing and merchandising. Also, from customer service to after-sales, we are dedicated to delivering the very best in products.

At Twyford, we strive to protect the natural environment in every product we innovate. We are committed to wastage reduction to minimize the usage of the world’s resources. You can always rely on Twyford to be helping the environment. And here are some of the ways we are doing just that.

Use a Dual Flush WC 

Twyford offers a unique range of toilets with a water saving Flushwise® dual flush system. All the Flushwise® products carry the Waterwise Marque and support the code for sustainable homes. There’s Flushwise® concealed cistern for wall-hung and back-to-wall toilets. All Twyford toilet products comply with Class 2 EN997 flushing legislation.

Water Saving Baths 

Twyfords Opal and Celtic baths can give you a luxurious bathing experience with capacities of just 140 and 130L. The new Celtic "Low Volume" 1700 bath has a capacity of 140L to the overflow, and still offers the benefits of a standard steel bath. That is an estimated 35% water saving compared to a standard size bath.

Water Saving Taps and Mixers 

Twyford X52 Low Flow range limit water flow to 6L/min in shower mixers and 7/4L/min in basin taps. The unique dual-action basin tap delivers water at 4L/min upon a single click and 7L /min with double clicks. This lets you choose the flow rate and thus save water.

GET YOUR INSTALLATION SPOT ON - Total Install® from Twyford

The Total Install system has ingenious factory-fitted professional parts/fittings enabling bathrooms to have a quick, high quality, and easy installation and maintenance.

Factory Fitted Wall Brackets: The washbasins come with factory-fitted wall fixings and wall brackets for usage only on plasterboard walls. The brackets can also be adjusted post-installation without removing it. The brackets are non-load bearing and for positioning only. Hence, it must be used in conjunction with a full pedestal.


Refresh Bath Panel: The panel comes pre-assembled with mounting plates which will simply click into place so that you do not need to build your frame or waste time getting measurements. It comes with a magnetic wooden mounting frame that needs to be assembled before fitting the panel.

Galerie Fill Up Leg Set: Twyford toilet spares come with necessary fixings and screws standardised to reduce the number of tools required. The come with factory-fitted tubular leg set which simply flips into place. Shorter bath feet thread into inserts and make for fast leveling and adjustment. It includes a

self-adhesive upstand kit that’s designed to solve the leakage issue between tiles

and the bath edge.

Taps and Mixers: Taps, shower valves, and mixers such as X120, X70, X62, X60, X52, and X50 can be fitted with flow regulators to lessen the water flow rate.


E100 Square is a great choice for bathrooms on a budget. You will find a comprehensive series of products in a stylish and smart square design. It is also a great bathroom solution for less able applications which one can access easily. The range also includes furniture and accessories.

E100 Square Furniture: This is a smart option for any space. It is supplied fully-assembled for easy installation and is available in colors such as grey ash wood and white. It constitutes of series of - under basin vanity units with plinths, and legs for wall mounting or floor standing.

E100 Square Mirror Cabinets: The stylish, modern mirror cabinets are available in three different convenient sizes. They are also available of the same colors - grey ash wood and white. Its features include - fold-down storage compartments, internal shelves, and external lighting (optional).

E100 Square Furniture Accessories: To support the E100 furniture series, high-quality accessories are available, including internal door storage units, chrome legs and plinths, lighting kits to install on the top of mirror cabinets to create soft room lighting, and external towel hooks on the sides of vanity units.

BS Ware Classic: This classic toilet and cistern option is mostly used on refurbishment projects where the existing supply points are fixed and cannot be altered. It provides the flexibility to cover a wide range of installation needs.

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