Washroom design has come a long way in the past decade or so with advances in both aesthetics and technology. While washrooms were once a standard affair, today they are bold, dynamic, multi-functional, and filled with elaborate colour.

If you are in the process of refurbishing your current bathrooms, or at the design stage of a new build, you might be giving thoughts to items like new flush plates, sensor taps, toilet seats, etc. However, among all these modern trappings of the commercial washroom, you might have come across square Vitra toilet seat covers and be wondering why the humble toilet pan has undergone such design and size makeovers.

Vitra Bathroom is known worldwide for manufacturing a designer range of modern and contemporary style bathroom products. They have made a huge impact in the sanitary world industry. Vitra’s essentials are offered as a practical alternative for anybody wanting a fresh, modern living environment without breaking the bank. The toilet seats included in the Vitra range come in several shapes and sizes. They are available in standard and soft close options and come in rounded, square, and oval to suit your pan. They come in cool white colors and include the hinge pack to be able to fit it.

Choosing a new Vitra toilet seat can be confusing, as you are confronted with rows and rows of white, hinged plastic seats that at first glance, can be bafflingly similar. However, the right one can raise the look of your bathroom suite, and should not be just any piece of decor. We are going to look at the reasons why the square toilet seat covers have become the talk of every bathroom, and how they are helping to pull the look you desire.

Smart Finish, Clean Lines

To start with, Vitra’s square toilet seat cover delivers a strong contemporary aesthetic. Sharp, clean lines that uniquely draw the eye, transforming the old washroom into a modern, high-functioning space. Whether it is to uplift general user experience, aid with staff retention, or offer a welcoming environment to visitors and customers, a square toilet seat is a strong choice for any bathroom environment.

Increased Comfort

While most of us are used to circular varieties, the square toilet seat is said to be more comfortable than traditional shapes. This is because a square toilet seat offers more support underneath the thighs when seated - much like a chair.

Also, the opening within the square toilet seat is a bit larger than in conventional options, while the ergonomic contours of the toilet seat give the user the same level of comfort over a long period.

A square Vitra toilet seat looks strikingly bold and works well in numerous contemporary settings, delivering both comfort and support.

A Popular, Wall Hung Shape

A lot of back-to-wall, wall-hung toilets are square. This leaves the floor beneath the toilet clear and empty as they are installed in a similar way to a floating shelf. An empty floor space makes the room feel bigger and cleaning easier. This shape of the toilet seat gives a very strong, decisive look and is popular in the hospitality sector as well as in shopping malls, events venues, and visitors centres. 

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