Most of us choose not to think much about how much time we spend sitting on the toilet, but the fact is, a decent amount of our lives passes while we are there. Most toilet seats do not have that big of a role to play (they open, they close, and they fit properly on the toilet), and yet choosing the right one can greatly influence every time you go the bathroom. Hence, it’s worth finding the best toilet seat for your needs.

Choosing a new toilet seat can be quite confusing. You will be confronted with rows and rows of white, hinged plastic seats that at first can be bafflingly similar. However, the right toilet seat can raise the look of your bathroom suite. We are going to have a look at the top three things one should take into consideration when choosing a new toilet seat, and how they help you get the look you desire.


Toilets come in various shapes and sizes. And to find out the right seat you have to work out what shape and size your pan is. In general, toilet seats come in oval or round shapes. However, square design toilet seats are also very popular. You should be able to say by simply looking at which shape your toilet pan is, and it’s always best to match your toilet seat with the shape of your pan. You may also notice that some toilet seats also feature a ‘wrap around design’ which means the lip of the toilet seat fits down over the pan, to create a contemporary, smooth shape.

We recommend you take the following measurements to get the perfect fit.

  • Total depth - The distance between the toilet pan sticks and the wall or cistern.
  • Width at widest point - The width of the toilet pan at its widest point.
  • Fixing centre distance - The point between the two fixing holes of the toilet.


Toilet seat hinges fit onto your fixing centres. There are two options for hinges, and please be aware that not all toilet seat hinges are suitable for all seat types. The top fixing hinge works by feeding two bolts into the toilet pan. And the bottom fixing is a more traditional style of fixing. Here two bolts are fit down into the pan and then tightened from underneath.

Top fixing hinges come into the role when the bottom of the pan becomes inaccessible, for example, in modern one-piece style or back to wall toilets. Quick-release hinges are also available that let you easily remove the seat and lid from the pan, making the task of cleaning the toilet much easier. Soft Close hinges feature a hygienic, slow-release system that cuts out any annoying slamming noise. We generally recommend soft close toilet seats for that extra touch of luxury that we’re sure every homeowner will love.


Your toilet seat choice is a great opportunity to pull the look of your bathroom together into a cohesive whole. For those who want an extra hygienic boost, antibacterial finishes are also available. They are finished with materials that provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

Do not forget, you can always make a statement in your bathroom with a stylish seat. There are also several special wood materials and finishes, which we often see used in traditionally-inspired bathrooms with a high-end look.

We recommend you to browse and search what’s available, and go with something that complements your existing features.


Whether you wish to give your bathroom a fun feature or looking for a family-friendly toilet seat option that will help the mini member of your family with potty training, there are always novelty options available.

So when choosing the best toilet seat, we recommend you choose the style that will suit and fit your pan. What size it is? What shape it is? Which type of toilet seat hinges will fix it? Once you are done with all these you can think about the ways in which your new toilet seat and lid can complement your bathroom.

When building a look, take time on finalizing the little things. Get the right size, the right shape, choose the right material, and construct a theme. The benefits will be clear.

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