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Help with Common Toilet Problems & How to fix them call 01482291992

Help with Common Toilet Problems & How to fix them call 01482291992

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  • Why Is My Dual Flush Cistern Constantly Running?

    Do you have a dual flush toilet that never stops? The most common cause is a flush valve seal worn out, deformed, or unclean. Water may leak continuously if the flush valve seal is not adequately sealed. Another possibility is that the tank is constantly filled due to a broken fill valve.

    Is there a problem with the fill valve in your toilet? It will keep filling the tank with water. Water will spill into the toilet bowl due to the overflow tube. It can be one of the reasons why your toilet cistern keeps running continuously. 

    A toilet fill valve is a toilet tank component typically positioned on the tank's

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  • The Three Ideal Standard Toilet Parts That Frequently Break

    The Ideal Standard toilet might be one of the most straightforward plumbing fixtures people rely on today. But unfortunately, it may overwhelm the majority of homeowners as they have no idea how the Ideal Standard toilet parts work or what they do. That's a shame because many minor problems with a toilet are so simple to fix. An average person could comfortably and confidently do it without special tools and no formal training.



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  • Heritage Toilet Seat- The Best Toilet To Upkeep Your Bathroom

    The bathroom is one of the most familiar places in your home for most people. It's a place of solitude, reflection, relaxation after a long day, and preparation for another day. It's often a place people hurry through! But it may not be something you may not think about!. Your bathroom is one of the places where you spend a few hours every day. It's still worth asking yourself if your current toilet seat is up to date. Has it been ten years since the last time you replaced your toilet seat? Is it time to upgrade the bathroom as a whole? At My Toilet Spare, we offer you several potential options for that.

    The design of bathroom fixtures and fittings is constantly developing. We have a wide range of toilets & toilet seats ready on our

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  • What Are Quick-Release Toilet Seats: Why Should You Get One?

    Quick-release toilet seats have been introduced to the market to make your life easier. As a result, we'll show you how in this article. Indeed, everyone knows how important it is to maintain good hygiene in the bathroom. Mainly because these germs and bacteria can cause serious illnesses. Furthermore, we are all familiar with how terrible it is to enter a filthy toilet.

    These infections can be found in the bathroom, particularly in the most inaccessible areas, such as beneath the toilet seat. However, cleaning this area is difficult. In fact, until now, the only way to get there was to wash extensively, and even then, some filth was always left behind. So how can you get the optimum result? It is based on the type of hinges you have in your toilet seat. 

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  • How To Get The Right Size Toilet Seat For The First Time!

    When you become a homeowner or rent from a lousy landlord, you ultimately become acquainted with how a toilet works. It is because there isn't always time to wait for a plumber. It would help if you fixed something right away, so you get the toolbox out and figure it out. Sometimes it's fixed, and sometimes it's not. If you have an issue finding a suitable toilet seat & its part, we can help you find the best toilet seat for you and also at a best price. 

    We frequently receive inquiries regarding how to find the right size toilet seats & how to measure them correctly. It has some good reasons behind it. Not all toilets are made the same. It is often

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  • Want To Replace Your Toilet Cistern? Adding Armitage Shanks Spares Can Save You A Lot

    A renovation of your existing toilet is going to be inexpensive. It is less time consuming & costs you around a few hundred pounds to spruce up your existing toilet. If you're little bit watchful with your money, the investment will almost certainly pay off.. The purpose of upgrading the cistern spare is to bring some extra comfort & ease to the lifestyle and daily routines.


    Does your existing toilet give you so much trouble? Then it may be the time to get it replaced with Armitage Shanks spares. While fitting a new toilet

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  • Why Has The Thermostatic Cartridge Failed & The Common Symptoms To Diagnose A Fault

    One of the most common parts to fail on a steam shower, shower cabin or steam shower bath, is the thermostatic cartridge. It is particularly found on older and new model showers. But it is an important component within a mixer shower. These are often made up of brass or nylon materials. It is available in a variety of forms, sizes, colours, and designs.It can compensate for changes in the temperature and/or pressure of the incoming water supply in order to keep the blended temperature at a set point.It adjusts the temperature of the water and serves as the mixer shower's main apparatus!

    Common Symptoms to diagnose a fault 

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  • What are the functions of toilet seat hinges? The Importance of Replacing It

    Toilet seats often last 5 years or longer. But what about the toilet seat hinges that seem like the major component for toilet seat movement? Toilet seat hinges are one of the vital parts of a toilet that wear out after some time! In case your toilet seat is not functioning properly, consider checking the hinges and changing them if necessary. Let's find out the function of a toilet seat hinge and why replacing it is an ideal option before you!

    What are toilet seat hinges? 

    The toilet seat hinges are critical and must function properly to avoid needless movements when using the

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