Are you planning to replace your toilet seats now? It may seem to be a relatively simple job! But if you are doing it for the first time, you may get confused about what to do! Or you may be confused about the toilet seat fittings! How do you know the suitable toilet seat fittings, which would be the best for your type of toilet, and how do you fit them? Do such questions plague your mind during your procurement or installation process? Then you have come to the right place at My Toilet spares. We'll go over everything you need to know about toilet seat fittings.  So everything will be accessible when it comes to selecting or fixing the toilet seat fittings!

Diversity of toilet seat fittings you can buy

Selecting the best toilet seat fittings may not be an issue for most. It is easy, and no one will go wrong as there are only two types of toilet seats to choose from! So let's look at those two types of seats and find how they differ from each other.


Top fix toilet seat fittings:

Top fix toilet seat fittings won't need deep holes in the toilet pans. They can fix directly onto the pan and tighten from the top. Most modern toilets use such top toilet seat fittings nowadays. Now the question may arise in your mind: How do you know or check whether the toilet seat fittings are a top-fixing toilet seat fitting. Just put your hand behind the toilet. If you don't find any bolt, it is a top-fix toilet seat fitting! So, make sure to purchase the right one for your toilet. We also assist you in selecting the best one for your needs.

Replacing our top fix toilet seat fittings is easy once you get the toilet seat fittings. What you need to do is remove the seats. You can do it by opening the fixing caps with the help of a screwdriver. Unscrew the bolt under them to release the damaged seat. After removing the fixings, you are ready to install the new toilet seat. Place the two-plastic plug perfectly on the toilet pan. Place the washer on the top of the plugs and add the hinges over it. Insert the bolt on the designated place on the hinges and screw them. Finally, look to see if the seat is properly aligned. After that, keep it tight, and you are done.


Bottom fix toilet seat fittings:

Unlike top toilet seat fittings, the bottom fixed toilet seat fittings are found in most houses. It is a traditional toilet seat fitting mainly found in older toilets. They are set and tightened underneath on the backside of the toilet seats. To check it, just reach behind the toilet. You will find the bold under the toilet. So be sure what kind of bracket or hinges it will need before making your order. We assist you in finding the best bottom fix toilet seat fittings that you are looking for in your toilets.

To install the bottom fix toilet seat fittings, you need to remove the wing nut at the backside of the toilet that holds the toilet seat. Using a plier or a wrench can make things easier. After that, you should lift the seat and remove it. Clean the area thoroughly and then install the new toilet seat using the bottom toilet seat fittings. Put the new bolt to the hole on either side of the toilet. Screw the bolt under the pan. Be sure to check the toilet seat's position and don't fasten the bolt too tight. 


Shopping for toilet seat fittings from My Toilet Spare is just like purchasing a piece of cake from a store. So, go ahead and place your order online at today!