Please Note: We kindly request all Customers to check all Toilet seats thoroughly before installation, we will not be liable for any dents/cracks discovered after installation - Thank you

We know buying a new bathroom Spares / Toilet Spares can be daunting so we’ve decided to collate a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions about our products. Hopefully this should put you in the right direction and give you peace of mind

We’re always here to help so if none of the below answers your query, please feel free contact us via email< or by Telephone 01482291992

Most of our products are supplied with care instructions, which detail how best to look after the product. In the main, all that is normally required is warm soapy water and a soft cloth especially when cleaning Toilet Seats. The Toilet Pan can be cleaned with Bleach but not the seat or Hinges.

All enclosures and bath screens are designed to allow water to drain internally, so it is important that the drainage points are not compromised or blocked. To ensure this, the enclosures or screens seals should be changed frequently

The majority of Toilet seats are now quick release, slow close and top fixed, gone were the days when toilet seats are tightened from the bottom or to access the underside of the WC pan. If you have one of this style seats, the first thing that you need to do is to remove the seat and lid. To allow this, the seat will have one or two buttons. Press these in and lift the seat and lid off. You will then be left with a metal bar with two pins coming from the top of it. The metal cover will simply prise off, exposing a plastic fitting and two screws. To adjust, loosen the screws slightly, make the adjustment and retighten the screws fully. It is then a simple matter to pop the cover and seat back on.

We stock a wide range of spare parts on our website or you can walk in and order this items.

Most wall hung pans require an S-Frame to support it. This frame is secured to the wall and floor, and has all the required fittings to hang the pan. It also will have the soil connector, which can be clamped in position, and also a clamp to hold the flush pipe from the concealed position in the correct position. The frame would normally be faced with board and tiles to finish, though we also now have the option to put the frame inside furniture to increase the options for your bathroom.

The likelihood is that the cartridge needs cleaning to remove any debris or limescale from the interior. Please refer to the Installation instructions originally supplied or these are also available on our website.

We are happy to refund or exchange items 14 days from the day after your delivery should they have a fault, or if the wrong item has been delivered. (TOILET SEATS ARE NON RETURNABLE)

Please see information regarding guarantees on our this can be confirmed by checking with our sales team