Ideal Standard toilet seats are far more than functional. They are known for being good quality. Every Ideal Standard toilet seat designed has its personality. They are dedicated to adding distinctiveness, & comfort to bathroom spaces. It implies that you can trust the quality of any Ideal Standard bathroom products that you purchase.

Ideal Standard are manufacturers of a wide range of quality bathroom products including toilet seats! and bathtubs to taps and fittings. Ideal Standard bathrooms are one of the few still manufactured in factories like Armitage, Staffordshire in the UK. They are well-known as a quality brand that’s made to last. Whether you need the Ideal Standard concept air range, designed with sleek lines for compact bathrooms, or the Concept Freedom range, a fashionable suite with accessibility options, you can discover some of the most popular Ideal Standard products at great prices at My Toilet Spares.

It’s easy to shop for an Ideal Standard toilet at My Toilet Spares. You can choose from a range of Ideal Standard toilets and toilet seats on our website. The Ideal Standard toilet seats available at our online store are sleek, simple look and suit all sorts of bathrooms. You also find traditional design Ideal Standard toilet seats that look great in any home. Whether you need a small space or something traditional, you’ll find it at My Toilet Spares. 


When you buy an Ideal Standard toilet from My Toilet Spares, you can also buy all the extras such as an Ideal Standard flush valve at the same time. You need to get the right Ideal Standard flush valve to make sure installation goes smoothly and your toilet functions properly. Some of the range will need an Ideal Standard dual flush valve, which gives you two flush choices, so you can save water.

It’s also advisable to buy an Ideal Standard toilet seat, as this will give you the ideal fit for your existing toilet. It will give you a professional look. Some of the options we offer at My Toilet Spares include:

  • Ideal Standard soft close toilet seat – don’t like the noise of slamming toilet seats? Choose a soft closed toilet seat to reduce the sound
  • Ideal Standard space toilet seat – this toilet seat is perfect for smaller spaces, as it can be fitted in three positions, so if you have a corner toilet, it fits into the space
  • Ideal Standard alto toilet seat – this durable white Ideal Standard toilet seat is suitable for all kinds of décor

Shopping at My Toilet Spares means you can order all your toilet supplies in one place. We can save you time, and you can enjoy the best prices at My Toilet Spares. We offer excellent value for money and warranties for your peace of mind.