Heritage bathrooms are a beautiful addition to any bathrooms at the present!

They will remain beautiful for years to come!!

The consistency of the design, legacy, and timeless appeal make it happen.


Heritage Bathrooms are crafted in a time-honoured tradition. Each piece of Heritage Bathrooms comes with a unique design. They are engineered to meet modern demands. Quality is the essence of our Heritage Bathroom products that binds everything together. The outcome? Well-crafted products are made to last, in every sense. Are you looking for inspiration while making or renovating your bathroom? We at My Toilet Spares bring you the products and solutions for your search!


Designing a heritage bathroom  At My Toilet Spares, we can make it simple. We have worked with a leading manufacturer to bring you exclusive products for you. You can install such heritage bathroom products to create an exclusive bathroom look. We have exclusive heritage bathroom collections that include beautifully elegant modern & traditional bathroom suites, furniture, showers, basins, toilets, taps & quality bathroom accessories. Make your dream bathroom a reality with our fabulous heritage bathroom products! 

Our philosophy is to give people good products that fit best in any bathroom. You can add our heritage bathroom products to large or small bathrooms no matter if it is a self-owned property, a rental property or new build or a property that needs full renovation. Add it to discover how you can get any project off to a good start! Here are our top suggestions for what to do ahead of time to maximize your shopping experience before you browse for bathroom fittings.

  • Measure your space in advance so you have an idea of what you’re dealing with! Don’t forget to measure the height of the room and any other vertical distances.
  • Get inspired by social media, such as Pinterest. Make sure to contact us for more bathroom renovation inspiration! 
  • Browse through our heritage stock line to see which of our looks suits you.
  • Send pictures of your existing bathroom. It will help us to better understand your options. Based on this we can provide you with the best advice and heritage bathroom products.

Here at My Toilet Spares, you'll discover timeless bathroom pieces from paintable cast iron baths to bathroom furniture and accessories. All our bathroom products will help you to create a unique bathroom. You are proud to invite everyone to see your bathroom. To make a statement, our heritage bathroom products provide the ideal focal point for any bathroom design. We love to see different bold bathrooms full of color! We help you achieve a bathroom that looks elegant and modern.

At My Toilet Spares, we offer excellent quality and a range of iconic bathroom products. Choose one of the luxurious suites, cast iron and acrylic statement baths, stunning furniture, taps, and showers, as well as a variety of bathroom accessories from our stock line. It will help you create your distinctive bathroom space.