Please Note: We kindly request all Customers to check all Toilet seats thoroughly before installation, we will not be liable for any dents/cracks discovered after installation - Thank you

Monthly Archives: September 2020

  1. Soft Close Toilet Seat – How To Adjust It

    Soft-close toilet seats are made to lower the seat & lid silently within a few seconds. While almost maintenance-free, they may demand a little adjusting every now and then. While the lowering action on the majority of soft-close seats can’t be fine-tuned, it is simple to do small adjustments to the seat hinges in the event they become loose and the seat comes out of alignment or begin to slide around on top of the bowl. Considering the style of the soft-close toilet seat Hinges, you may need to take off the seat & lid to make the changes.

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  2. Replace Your Toilet Seat Hinges In Place Of Buying A New Seat

    As far  as toilet hinges are concerned, there’re a wide range of option and something that you may have though would be a pretty straight-forward decision, can be rather tough when it comes to selecting the appropriate hinges. By narrowing down your choices, it’ll get much easier to avail the ideal hinges for your bathroom and this can transform the look of this area for the better.

    Toilet seat hinges usually avail as part of the toilet seat either as two hinges that can be installed individually or two hinges that are attached as a single unit with a supporting bar. Hinges work appropriately but there’re times that they can break and t

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