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Monthly Archives: July 2021

  1. How To Select The Best Hinges For Your Ideal Standard Toilet Seat

    Purchasing toilet seat hinges appears to be a simple task, but it is more complicated than it seems when it comes to an Ideal Standard toilet seat. When choosing a new hinge, there are several things to keep in mind. Therefore, we present you with all of the required information that helps you make the best decision for selecting the Ideal Standard toilet seat and its hinges that meet your personal preferences. 

    Deciding the size of the toilet seat hinges

    Ideal Standard toilet seat hinges may appear to be identical; however, this is not the case. Armitage shanks toilet seat hinges come in standard

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  2. Roca Soft Close Toilet Seat- A Quieter Alternative To Traditional Toilet Seats

    Toilets are one of the most commonly used equipments of a bathroom in every home or commercial space. The toilet must be functional and designed to maximize the user's comfort. Noisy toilet seats are always annoying. No people like to enjoy loud sounds in their toilet seat due to the squeaking of hinges or banging of lids while opening and closing it several times a day. Luckily, some easy approaches can be employed to make a toilet seat close more quietly. We offer Roca a soft, closed toilet seat to get rid of such an annoying situation.


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  3. What Questions To Ask When Buying One Toilet Seat?

    Of course, toilets are a crucial part of your everyday life? Different types of toilets and the toilet seats on them give you the comfort to start your day! Perhapsyou have a small or large bathroom. There are best toilet types that fit best to your need. So you have to select the most suitable one among the different kinds of toilet seats for your replacement. Let's understand a few questions to ask while buying a toilet seat that fits best for your toilet and preference!

    Do all toilet seats fit the same in the UK?

    Choosing a suitable toilet and its seat for your bathroom can

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  4. Four Reasons To Buy Branded Spare Parts For Toilets

    Irrespective of your home's size, the washroom is maybe one of the essential rooms in your home. No other room has such innumerable moving parts through plumbing mechanical assemblies and fittings presented in a room. Even the kitchen does not come close. We do not see the mysterious stuff - pipes, diverters, the parts inside a spigot; covered up inside the reservoir are the cylinder, the siphon, the buoy ball and pole, the delta cylinder valve and the toilet seat brackets.

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  5. Some Common Issues Confronted While Utilizing Electric Showers

    For the most part, we deal with five unique issues with electric showers that we have in our restrooms. It is astute to think about the problems and the approaches to have alleviation from those. Assuming you verify that a section is not working effectively, you can have spares made by Aqualisa Quartz from us at My Toilet Spares and supplant those. 

    Let us know about the five common issues that we face with showers. 

    Water is lukewarm 

    It might have happened to you that on a cold morning, standing

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  6. How To Choose And Select The Best Toilet Seat Fittings

    It seems easy to purchase toilet seat fittings, yet it is, in all actuality, more mind-boggling than one may presume. Allow us to view the hinges that append the toilet seat. There are particular fascinating focuses when procuring new toilet seat hinges from us at My Toilet Spares, and we will give the principal subtleties.

    Hinge Fixings: 

    There are two primary types of hinge fixings, top fixing and base fixing and note that not all hinges are reasonable for all toilets.

    Bottom Fixing Toilet Seats 

    Bottom fixing toilet seat hinges feature an ordinary style fixing,

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  7. Why Has The Thermostatic Cartridge Failed And How To Replace It

    The thermostatic cartridges in your tap are one of the hardest-working fixtures in the bathroom. Normal wear and tears over time will inevitably cause the taps, thermostatic cartridges, valves and seals to deteriorate. Do you find yourself unable to regulate the temperature, and you get only cold or warm water or even hot from your shower? It can be a sign that the thermostatic cartridge element in your Aqualisa Quartz shower is either failed or is on the way towards getting damaged. 


    There are numerous reasons why the thermostatic cartridges of your Aqualisa Quartz shower tap may have failed! One of the leading causes of such failure or in-balance is water pressure (cold mains pressure and heated hot water). The continuous

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