Please Note: We kindly request all Customers to check all Toilet seats thoroughly before installation, we will not be liable for any dents/cracks discovered after installation - Thank you

cistern spare parts

  1. Grohe Cistern Spares - Should You Have Them for Replacement or Repairing?

    When it becomes necessary to upgrade your toilet cistern or purchase new cistern parts to repair or replace the damaged cistern parts, you may not be sure as to which brand spare parts to purchase, where to find the original ones and important is what price range to stick to! Well, many of you don’t have perfect knowledge about the different plumbing parts, cistern spare parts and other toilet accessories. If you belong to this group, you should ask a professional plumber to guide you in shopping the right spare parts for your toilet cistern. Otherwise, you can browse online to find some toilet parts distributors dealing in the best quality and popular brand products like Armitage and Grohe cistern spares at economic rates that will never leave you with a bad experience at all.
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  2. Fixing a Dripping Toilet / How To Stop a Running Toilet

    Toilet leaking from tank? The most irritating thing is trying to get to sleep at night and you can hear the toilet running and all this add up to the cost of your water bill. Fixing a Leaking Toilet is nothing difficult and this should take less than 30minutes to do provided you have the correct spares no plumbing knowledge needed either please find all the Spares needed to repair a leaking Toilet- Flush Valve Seals and Fill Valve/Float Valve
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