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Monthly Archives: July 2020

  1. How to pick the suitable Hatria toilet seat

    Picking another toilet seat can be confounding, as you are gone up against with columns and lines of white, pivoted plastic seats that from the outset can be bafflingly comparative. In any case, the correct Hatria toilet seat that you can have from us at My Toilet Spares can raise the appearance of your washroom suite, and ought to fit any toilet décor that you have at present. We are going to take a gander at the three things you should consider while picking a new toilet seat, and how they assist you with getting the look you want.  

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  2. Enclosed Toilet Cistern - Know How Effective and Commendable Is It?

    Wall hung or wall mounted toilet systems are more stylish varieties where toilet cisterns remain concealed in a wall or panel and fitted with a chrome flush plate for gaining easy access and troubleshoot them in case any problem occurs. 

    This kind of toilet requires a strongly built wall frame to hide the toilet cistern and support weight on the toilet. A wall-hung toilet should be placed on any wall or a furniture unit with professional cistern fittings so that it can function well and support properly. The wall mounting frame used for these toilets should be able to support weight up to 200kg so that they won’t have the risk of falling from the wall when the user sits on it. 

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