Please Note: We kindly request all Customers to check all Toilet seats thoroughly before installation, we will not be liable for any dents/cracks discovered after installation - Thank you

toilet spares

  1. Tips To Buy Ideal Standard Toilet Seat For Your Needs

    Toilet seats are one of the most necessary toilet spares that can add a certain level of comfort to your bathroom. They are more than just the basic bathroom necessity. Usually, toilet seats come up in different finishes to suit your bathroom style the best. Whether you are looking to buy a modern, contemporary toilet seat or perhaps an ideal standard toilet seat with a perfect finish, choosing the one best suiting your needs can be the best decision.
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  2. Fixing a Dripping Toilet / How To Stop a Running Toilet

    Toilet leaking from tank? The most irritating thing is trying to get to sleep at night and you can hear the toilet running and all this add up to the cost of your water bill. Fixing a Leaking Toilet is nothing difficult and this should take less than 30minutes to do provided you have the correct spares no plumbing knowledge needed either please find all the Spares needed to repair a leaking Toilet- Flush Valve Seals and Fill Valve/Float Valve
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  3. 4 Amazing Advantages Of Including Concealed Cistern in Your Toilet

    Nowadays, unattractive open toilet cisterns, pedestal toilets and waste pipes can be thing of the past. Whether you’re presently remodeling your current bathroom or making a new one, you must consider using a built-in cistern. A spokesperson of My Toilet Spares here offered some insights into the working and benefits of built-in cistern.
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  4. Toilet Spares – Top 3 Signs to Replace Them

    Want to renovate your home? Nothing feels better than to upgrade a home and have everything new and shiny. Like every homeowner, you must enjoy upgrading a refrigerator, adding up new technology in all appliances even having a modern fixture with all the bells and whistles. But new spare parts for a toilet or a brand new toilet? They might not be on your home remodeling priority list
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