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Monthly Archives: August 2020

  1. The Shape, Size And Fittings To Consider While Buying A Toilet Seat

    The toilet seat may be the ideal place for you to read the morning newspaper or to have a moment of relaxation after a hard day of work. If you do not have the best quality and nature of the toilet seat, then it will not be the ideal location either to read a newspaper or to relax. We at My Toilet Spares make it possible for you to have best of toilet seats along with toilet seat fittings to have a comfortable seat that functions well.

    Let us see the considerations about shape, size and fittings that you require to have to have the best of the toilet seat.

    If we have a look at what we need to consider, then it boils down to the below

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  2. Twyford Toilet Spares: Enjoy The Luxury of Greater Choice & Service

    From market-leading bathroom transforming ideas to the latest on-trend innovations, Twyford toilet spares can meet every individual taste and every customer budget. In its every range and collection, you will find clever technology to enhance and improve bathroom functionality.

    Twyford, for over 160 years, has led the way in state-of-the-art bathroom innovation and inventing products that proudly take bathroom design forward. We are committed to quality and come with 25-year guarantee on all ceramic items.

    Clever Thinking: Unique, market prospering ideas to make the bathroom experience luxurious, such as the first-ever Rimfree® toilet, the water-saving Flushwise® system, and Proclean glass coating.

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