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Monthly Archives: March 2018

  1. Thermostatic shower heats 3 or 4 minutes and starts to go cold or does not heat enough

    Thermostatic shower runs hot and then cold If your thermostatic shower keeps going from hot to cold there’s only one way to resolve this issue. It’s very annoying to get into the shower in the morning this time of year only for the Shower to go straight from hot to cold. This usually happens the minute you put shower gel into your hair. There’s no need disassembling the Mixer Valve and looking into the filters for dirt, 9 out of 10 this is not the cause. Please check your boiler to see if the Hot water is warming up enough, simple way of doing this is running your hot tap in the kitchen to see if it’s getting hot. If it is then it’s not your boiler. The shower could get cold if you have a heat only boiler with a water tank in the airing cupboard or loft and a few people in the household had showers before you. But majorly intermittent hot and cold shower is caused by a thermostatic mixing valve. Installing a new mixing valve in the shower can reduce or eliminate the temperature fluctuations. Thermostatic mixing valves automatically balance the amount of hot and cold water being mixed, which will prevent drastic fluctuations in shower temperature. But you do not have to as this can be expensive, the best way and value for money method is changing the Diverter Cartridge and this will be resolved for you. Whether you have a Bristan shower, Ideal Standard Shower, Armitage Shanks, Grohe, Porcelanosa, Noken Shower you can find the Thermostatic Cartridges/Diverters and Mixer Valve spares here, if in doubt about the correct replacement

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  2. How to fix a loose /Wobbly toilet seat

    How to fix a loose toilet seat

    How hard is it to tighten a loose/wobbly Toilet Seat? Or should I change my Toilet Seat because the fittings have come loose?? The answer to that question is not always. The question is, do you sure you need a new toilet seat? Can you fix the one you have? Please continue reading and for further information please ring us on 01482291992 or email with all your questions. Well maybe I should reframe the question to ‘’How to Stop the Toilet Seat from Shifting Sideways’’ or ‘’Loose toilet - how to fix a rocking toilet bowl or seat’’ or ‘’Adjusting a Loose Toilet Seat’’ no matter how you frame the question it is the same solution (Fix).


    What Causes a Wobbly Toilet Seat/Loose Toilet Seat?

    A loose toilet seat is a common problem caused by the constant opening, closing, and sitting the Toilet which eventually loosens the bolts securing the seat to the Toilet Pan. Household detergents which contain bleach can also cause this as they damaged the Hinges by making them rusty and then break off. I know you are thinking what the Hell do I use in Cleaning the Toilet if not bleach?? Is ok to clean the ceramic with bleach but you only need warm soapy water for the Hinges and seat itself. Finally Slamming of the Toilet seat can also cause a wobbly seat.

    Sitting down to do your business in the bathroom, you don’t usually expect your toilet seat to be loose and rock back and forth. Fortunately, a rocking toilet seat isn’t going to cause you much personal harm but it is embarrassing. A loose, wobbly toilet seat is still something you should fix since it can eventually damage your Toilet Pan and cause you more financially.

    About 85% of us haven’t ever removed a loose toilet before or even have a clue how it’s done. So, fixing a rocking toilet by say, replacing or repairing a broken toilet may seem daunting.


    Fixing a Wobbly or Adjusting a Rocking Toilet Seat

    If the toilet seat in your house wiggles around so much it qualifies for a thrill ride then below is how to tighten it;

    • Top Fixing Toilets with Blind Hole Fittings/ How do you tighten a toilet seat with no access to the underside

    With most traditional seats when they become loose, you just tighten it with the bolts underneath the seat. But with this one however the toilet / ceramic is sealed with no access to the underside. Please do not take the Toilet Pan off the Wall.

    Lift your toilet seat up and you will find that there are covers on the seat fixing that need to be removed before you can see the fixing bolts. These covers may fit over the whole seat fixing so they're not obvious. All Top Mounting seats are fixed from above by an expansion plastic insert in the WC pan and these are always the culprit. You can either buy them on their own or you can buy a new hinge kit altogether, you can buy  blind hole fixing screw or Plastic Expansion Inserts here   or  the complete hinge kit here please do not try tightening this as it will not work and you will end up damaging the Pan once they become loose they need changing. Ring us on 01482291992 if you cannot find your type of spare in the link provided and we will be happy to help or better still send us an email

    How do you tighten a toilet seat with access to the underside

    Secure the new toilet seat in place with bolts (Image 3), and close the lid. Find the screws and pry up the cover. The back of your toilet seat is usually connected to the toilet with two long screws that run through the porcelain at the back of the bowl. You can buy new wing nuts from your local DIY shop and use this to tighten them securely



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  3. Know your Toilet Seat Parts for easy Renovation of Bathroom

    Just merely do not do a blind purchase of Toilet Pan or toilet seat! Know your toilet seat part and its values well before buying theToilet Seat Parts online. Toilet Seat Bolt, Toilet Seat Bumper Set, Toilet Seat Cover, Toilet Seat Hinge, Toilet Seat Hinge Washer are considered to be the key spares of a Toilet seat. Prevent corrosion in the stubborn seat, replacing worn out Toilet Seat Parts and make the next removal or maintenance easier.Toilet seats can become worn over time and may require a replacement. A new toilet seat is also an inexpensive way to update a toilet. Here is some simple way to update Toilet Seat and its parts.
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  4. Top Things to Know about the Toilet Seat Buffers

    Toilet seat buffers are small pieces that provide a cushion between the toilet and the seat. These buffers are secured to the bottom of a toilet seat, which prevents the seat from moving when you sit on it. The buffers also help in preventing permanent damage to the toilet. The buffers are considered as a great product that can keep your toilet seat clean and prevents any kind of damage to the toilet. It can be said that toilet buffers extend the life of the toilets by giving it a fresh makeover.
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  5. Know the Features and Mechanism of Push Button Toilets

    There are several names such as WC, water closet, lavatory, John, loo and crapper for the sanitary fixture called toilet that you use in private and public places. It is certainly not the most exciting of inventions, but you simply can’t live without it. It is found that 40% of the world’s population don’t have access to this basic sanitary fixture. On the contrary, people in Japan have automatically working toilets that use electricity to do everything from playing music and opening the toilet lid cover to closing it for the user. Most of today’s toilets are more moderate than them, but include pretty inventive mechanism, no matter whether they are push button toilets or dual flush toilets. Let’s find out the features and mechanism of push button toilets.
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  6. Tips To Buy Ideal Standard Toilet Seat For Your Needs

    Toilet seats are one of the most necessary toilet spares that can add a certain level of comfort to your bathroom. They are more than just the basic bathroom necessity. Usually, toilet seats come up in different finishes to suit your bathroom style the best. Whether you are looking to buy a modern, contemporary toilet seat or perhaps an ideal standard toilet seat with a perfect finish, choosing the one best suiting your needs can be the best decision.
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  7. Grohe Cistern Spares - Should You Have Them for Replacement or Repairing?

    When it becomes necessary to upgrade your toilet cistern or purchase new cistern parts to repair or replace the damaged cistern parts, you may not be sure as to which brand spare parts to purchase, where to find the original ones and important is what price range to stick to! Well, many of you don’t have perfect knowledge about the different plumbing parts, cistern spare parts and other toilet accessories. If you belong to this group, you should ask a professional plumber to guide you in shopping the right spare parts for your toilet cistern. Otherwise, you can browse online to find some toilet parts distributors dealing in the best quality and popular brand products like Armitage and Grohe cistern spares at economic rates that will never leave you with a bad experience at all.
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  8. Enclosed Toilet Cistern - Know How Effective and Commendable Is It?

    Wall hung or wall mounted toilet systems are more stylish varieties where toilet cisterns remain concealed in a wall or panel and fitted with a chrome flush plate for gaining easy access and troubleshoot them in case any problem occurs.

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  9. Fixing a Dripping Toilet / How To Stop a Running Toilet

    Toilet leaking from tank? The most irritating thing is trying to get to sleep at night and you can hear the toilet running and all this add up to the cost of your water bill. Fixing a Leaking Toilet is nothing difficult and this should take less than 30minutes to do provided you have the correct spares no plumbing knowledge needed either please find all the Spares needed to repair a leaking Toilet- Flush Valve Seals and Fill Valve/Float Valve
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  10. Home Improvement and DIY

    Home Improvement Projects That Require the Help of a Pro sponsored by

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