Nowadays, unattractive open toilet cisterns, pedestal toilets and waste pipes can be thing of the past. Whether you’re presently remodeling your current bathroom or making a new one, you must consider using a built-in cistern. A spokesperson of My Toilet Spares here offered some insights into the working and benefits of built-in cistern.

What’s a concealed cistern?

A concealed cistern isn’t noticeable to your naked-eye, but instead hidden at the back of a wall. Generally speaking, concealed cisterns are assembled into the wall – only the flush plate & toilet pan will be noticeable, which are accessible in a variety of designs & colors to match any bathroom style.

Let’s have a look at some of the practical benefits of concealed cisterns:

More room: Since concealed cisterns are assembled into the wall, they save a significant amount of space in your bathroom that’d otherwise have been consumed by cistern. Furthermore, if you select a wall hung toilet-pan rather than a floor standing one, the free flow of floor space produce the semblance of added roominess.

Hygienic and easy to clean: Concealed cisterns & wall hung toilet pans offer the perfect easy to clean and most favorable hygiene solution – no obstruction to wash around, just undisturbed flooring area that can be cleaned & disinfected rather easily. Smaller in dimension and lesser nooks & crannies, the flushing of toilet pan is unbelievably easy.

Design Liberty: With concealed cisterns you can pair your choice of flush plate or actuator and wall hung or floor standing toilet-pan to perfectly complementing your bathroom’s precise style & design.

Amazing strength & durability: Concealed cisterns also feature significant strength & durability, in spite of these attributes seeming unlikely qualities of a toilet that’s efficiently hanging off a wall. As concealed cisterns can tolerate up to 400 kilograms of weight, it can pretty easily support even the heaviest of users who make use of it.

A common misconception about concealed bathroom cisterns is that they are hard to service, however a plumber can easily access all serviceable parts of your cistern depending on how it is installed

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