One of the most interesting facts that has been found out as per a survey conducted by Reebok and Censuswide which is an international consulting firm is that about 1 to 1.5 years of the life of an average person is spent on the toilet whereas only 6 months of their lifetime is spent on exercise! Isn’t that reason enough to choose a comfortable and right toilet seat? Every toilet seat is not the same! When you have a toilet seat that is uncomfortable to use, it might not last longer. So are you tired of sitting on an uncomfortable toilet seat and want to replace it with a new and comfortable one? Then you need to take a few things into consideration before making the purchase! Have a look at those considerations below –

  • Choosing the right shape –

You can find a number shapes when it comes to toilet seats. Hence, you must choose the one that fits well to the shape of your toilet bowl. Round and oval shaped toilet seats are the most common designs available. However, square shape is becoming popular lately. And there are also a variety of odd shaped toilet seats as well that are designed keeping the shape of the toilet bowls available. So it is highly recommended to choose the toilet seat according to the shape of your toilet bowl.

  • Take the mount type into consideration –

While buying a new toilet seat, you must pay attention towards the type of mount. You can opt for the conventional nut and bolt mount or the integral nut and bolt mount. However, as far as the user-friendliness is concerned, the conventional nut and bolt mount is the best choice as these can be easily removed and replaced when required. And if you want to make your toilet seats look great then you must prefer the integral nut and bolt mount but they are not easy to remove or replace like the conventional ones. You will have to drill the nut out to remove the seat when required.

  • Material and finish of the toilet seat –

You can find a variety of materials when it comes to toilet seats that include wood, plastic and cushioned ones. If you are in search of a durable, easy to clean and stain resistant toilet seat then the plastic ones are the right option. And if you wish to impart high-end look to your toilet then a toilet seat made of natural wood will the right choice, however, it can be heavier and have a tendency to get stained or damaged easily by certain toilet bowl cleaners. And if you prioritize comfort over everything else then go for cushioned toilet seats, but these seats tend to crack over time. As far as finish is concerned you can find a variety of options from top brands such as the Galassia toilet seat that offers a hygienic lift to your toilet with their antibacterial finish.

  • Color and feature of the toilet seats –

Toilet seats can add a great sense of elegance to your bathrooms but only when you choose the right color, feature and style that suits your bathroom décor. When it comes to color you can match it with your toilet bowl which is white in most of the cases or match it with the colored fixtures (if any) in your bathroom. As far as the feature is concerned select the essential features that are needed for a comfortable use. Features like slow closing seat, self-cleaning, deodorizer, night light, seat with warm and cold water wash option and more can make your toilet seat comfortable and stylish.

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