Toilet leaking from tank? The most irritating thing is trying to get to sleep at night and you can hear the toilet running and all this add up to the cost of your water bill. Fixing a Leaking Toilet is nothing difficult and this should take less than 30minutes to do provided you have the correct spares no plumbing knowledge needed either please find all the Spares needed to repair a leaking Toilet- Flush Valve Seals and Fill Valve/Float Valve Diaphragms you can always call us on 01482291992 in case you get stuck or drop us an email Almost all the repairs that involve water running in your Toilet Pan/Bowl or Toilet leaking from tank is simple. 9 out of 10 it’s the Seal or diaphragm that needs replacing. Causes of Running/Leaking Toilet into the Pan – Information The Major cause here is Lime Scale, this eats into the Float Valve/Fill Valve Diaphragm or the Flush Valve/Syphon Seal and this makes it week and starts letting water by. Second cause is debris in the pipework, Copper Pipes are especially know for this and no matter what the cause there’s only one repair method-Change the Flush Valve/Syphon/Damp Valve/Seal/Float Valve/Inlet Valve and Diaphragm. We do hopefully the brief information provided on this subject has helped save you money on repair cost and also on your water bill. This article was brought to you by