Toilet seats are available in various colours to create a mood, add texture, and harmonize your bathroom’s decorating theme. However, it's probably time to change if you're considering getting a new toilet seat. It's an easy method to improve your bathroom's appearance and functionality. It's also essential for maintaining proper hygiene in an area where most individuals spend at least 20 to 30 minutes per day sitting down. 


Are you tired of being unable to get your toilet seat clean? Do you want to fix the loose or wobbly toilet seat? My Toilet Seat has the option for you. They offer the best quality toilet seat hinges you can use on your toilets, making them operative as new. You can even lose it or replace it as you desire. Replacing the toilet seat hinges ensure you save your budget on replacing the entire toilet seat. So you should always focus on procuring the best toilet seat hinges, no matter the toilet seat you have in your bathroom! 

Numerous of our toilet seats have strong hinges that make it simple to remove the seat. So that you can reach those annoying, difficult-to-clean regions. Replacing your toilet seat is an ideal under-30-minute project. Follow a few steps to ensure you successfully remove, replace or fix a loose toilet seat.


Things you need in the process:

  • Select the right toilet seat
  • Measuring tape 
  • Screwdriver & Pliers
  • Rust penetrant liquid(optional)
  • ½” OR 5/8” socket or combination wrench, based on the toilet seat


Finding the Perfect Match

You must measure the toilet seat for this. Toilet basins and seats are typically available in two shapes: round and elongated. First, measure the length of the toilet bowl and the space between the mounting holes to calculate the number of toilet seats you require. For example, a round toilet bowl will measure approximately 16 ½” in length. An elongated bowl is about 18 ½” in size. Next, choose the appropriate seat and hinges based on the measurement. Again, it may be round or long based on your bowl. Our toilet seats are designed to fit most manufacturers’ round or elongated bowls.


Remove a Toilet Seat

It might occasionally be challenging to remove your current toilet seat. However, if you already own a regular wrench, a screwdriver, and some rust remover, you can easily DIY your way to a new look. With pliers in one hand, locate the nuts under the toilet tank and firmly grab them. Hold the nuts while you use the other hand to unscrew the bolts with a screwdriver. If the bolts are rusty or poorly calcified, spray them with rust penetrant and let them sit for five or ten minutes. Then, try loosening the bolts again.

During installation, the lower part of the nut is intended to pop off, signalling that the seal is perfectly tight. Additionally, the toilet seat hinge system makes it simple and quick to remove the seat for cleaning. Do you have one of those pesky toilet seats that can’t be removed for easy cleaning? My Toilet Seat can help! Click here to see their toilet seats with easy-to-install & remove hinges. The innovative hinges let you quickly and easily remove your toilet seat so you can clean to your heart’s content.