For the most part, we deal with five unique issues with electric showers that we have in our restrooms. It is astute to think about the problems and the approaches to have alleviation from those. Assuming you verify that a section is not working effectively, you can have spares made by Aqualisa Quartz from us at My Toilet Spares and supplant those. 

Let us know about the five common issues that we face with showers. 

Water is lukewarm 

It might have happened to you that on a cold morning, standing under a shower, you feel that lukewarm water is pouring over you rather than comfortable hot water. The issue might be with the micro-switch or the thermostatic cartridge inside the shower. You can have the cartridge supplanted and have comfortable hot water while having a shower. 

Shower having a fluctuating temperature  

If you deal with an issue that the shower is going hot and cold, then, at that point, it very well might be that there isn't adequate water inside the shower or sufficient water isn't streaming in. The explanation might be the valve that permits water to the shower. But, on the other hand, the valve might be the one outside or inside the shower. If so, then, at that point, you need to supplant the valve right away, having spares from us, the reputed online plumbing store in the UK. 

The shower not warming up 

It might occasionally happen that the water inside the shower does not get hot. It very well might be the thermal cutout is not working accurately. When this regulator does not work effectively, then even before the water arrives at the set temperature, the thermostat cuts the power. Aqualisa Quartz has thermostat spares of different qualities, and you can have such from our online store. 

Water dropping from the bottom of the shower 

There might be an issue with the pressure relief device if you notice that water is leaking from the bottom of the shower. The gadget may have initiated, and that is causing the issue. Nevertheless, a broken pressure relief device may likewise prompt a similar problem. A blocked showerhead or a crimped shower hose may drive the development of pressing inside the water tank enacting the pressure relief device. You need to decide the genuine reason and substitute the parts from a presumed online plumbing store like ours. 

Water not coming out from the shower 

Water not coming out from a shower is the most widely faced issue that you may confront. The problem is with the solenoid valve. The coil that lifts the plunger can have a flaw, and you need to supplant that. 

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