Mr John Smith, who lives in Nottingham, is a middle-aged, independently employed individual. He had earned sensibly in the previous few years. So he chose to reward his family by renovating his home. He could not mostly spend lavishly as he had a restricted spending plan. He got his rooms and balcony outfitted just, however, perfectly. He ensured utilizing sensibly great quality items, which obviously were not expensive brands.

Nevertheless, when it came to renovating the two washrooms, he cut a few corners. In one bathroom, after a great deal of thought, he decided to have inexpensive yet exquisitely planned branded toilet items and spares like toilet seat brackets of reputed manufacturers from us at My Toilet Spares. However, in the other, he considered setting aside cash by going in for unbranded, comparable looking, stylish items that cost significantly less from another online toilet spare shop.

After completing the remodel Mr Smith, felt glad to have set aside some cash from the new toilet and, to some degree, lamented to have spent more on the bathroom, which had branded items. John’s happiness was short-lived as soon the new washroom items from his new toilet lost sheen. The sparkly covering of spigots began to drop. Water dribbled, and joints spilt. The toilet was ceaselessly wet. The finish of the sanitary ware looked dull, while the latrine seat cover squeaked when utilized.

Mr Smith moved toward the plumbing store for help by discovering that client care from the unbranded manufacturer he had bought the items from was either frustrating or not accessible around there. It was a test to get something out of local manufacturer and unapproved sellers.

However, in this process, he learned the reasons to use branded toilet items and spare parts. He has shared that with us today.

Why purchase branded toilet items? 

Whatever your home's size, the washroom is perhaps one of the primary rooms in your home. No other room has such countless moving parts through plumbing apparatuses and fittings introduced in a bit of space. The kitchen does not even come close. Typically, a restroom comprises fixtures, a shower, a bowl, a water closet, a wellbeing fixture, a water warmer and adornments. We do not see the secret stuff - pipes, diverters, the parts inside a spigot; covered up inside the reservoir are the cylinder, the siphon, the buoy ball and pole, the delta cylinder valve and the toilet seat brackets. They need to work impeccably. This makes the washroom to be the most useful among every one of the rooms in your home. It would be best if you had superior grade, trustworthy items, which do not spill, dribble, burst or glitch.

It takes a decent organization to make those urgent restroom parts that move with perfect timing exactness, sufficiently sturdy to keep going long and house them in a body delightfully intended to look tasteful, luxurious and remove your migraine. The restroom really is quick going to be your own space where you start your day with a bang and end with a loosening up shower after a monotonous day at work. It is about unwinding. There is no space for items that give you cerebral pains. Any trade-off in quality while purchasing restroom items can resemble seeking inconvenience.

Four Reasons why you should purchase branded washroom items

Although there are numerous reasons why one ought to select branded washroom installations and fittings, one should initially see how brands manufacture? Actually branding does not occur incidentally or even in a couple of months. It is unquestionably an interaction. A continuous exertion will bring about setting up long haul associations with your clients. This way, its conspicuous brands work a lot harder to shape associations with their clients. 

The four zones where brands work enthusiastically are trust, quality, client care, and complete scope of washroom items.


Individuals purchase a brand since they trust it. If individuals like you, they will hear you out, yet they will work with you if they trust you. Therefore, it is essential to winning the trust of your clients just to work together. Nevertheless, to assemble a brand, associations need to set up long-haul associations with their clients consistently. In some cases, these connections are adequately long to a few pages.

Ongoing exploration by Edelman says, brand trust influences purchasing choices. The study, which overviewed 16,000 customers across eight worldwide business sectors, says that as the prosperity gap among the wealthy and the rest broadens, 33% of shoppers believe a brand is significant because they are battling monetarily and can't stand squander any cash on an awful buy.


Purchasing a brand implies purchasing a quality item. Brands put forth a determined attempt in assembling great toilet items that outcomes in setting up long haul associations with their clients. Brands have to work a lot harder to keep up these associations with their clients by reliably delivering quality items throughout extensive periods. For standing the trial of value, the item must be solid.

Customer support

Purchasing a brand implies purchasing the affirmation of after-deals administration or client care. After-deals support, occasionally called after-deals administration or client assistance, is any help given after a client has bought an item. After-deals administration assumes an urgent part in fortifying the connection between the association and its clients, bringing about consumer loyalty and client maintenance. It creates faithful clients. Clients begin to have confidence in the brand and relate with the association for a more extended length. They discuss the greatness of the association and its items.

Complete range

You purchase a brand since it saves time to make a decision. This is conceivable because brands take into account the total scope of washroom items you require. You can understand this by having a look at an example. When you choose to look for an item on Amazon, you can have a look at various items of similar nature. How would you shortlist the rundown down to a reasonable number of decisions? You pick a brand. Type in the brand, and your choices lessen several hundred. Selecting a brand reduces the clutter, making it simpler to discover what you are searching for.

There are other reasons also to buy a branded toilet item. We at My Toilet Spares makes it possible for you to have the same parts of different make at an affordable price from our online store.

 Let us have a look at the other reasons to buy branded toilet parts and items.

Have peace of mind

When buyers purchase washroom items, they are searching for solace, bliss, and fulfilment. If the brand they use reliably conveys a positive encounter, shoppers structure an assessment that the brand is dependable, subsequently setting up a drawn-out relationship with the brand. This gives them significant serenity.

Have safety 

If you are thinking about purchasing toilet seat brackets for your washroom, the primary thing that strikes a chord is the safety that you can have of that item. Branded organizations fabricate apparatuses remembering all the fundamental security measures for the client. They are worried about their standing. For a brand, client wellbeing starts things out.  

Brands add value to the product

Another motivation to purchase a brand is that it enhances the item using better design and highlights other than the standard trust, quality, and client service and item range. A brand can put value in an item's design to upgrade the look and feel in the client's eye. They give clients a one of a kind encounter, which non-branded items cannot provide.

Brands reflect the extension of your personality 

A brand personality is one thing to which the customer can relate; a viable brand expands its brand value by having a steady arrangement of qualities that a particular purchaser section appreciates. This personality is a subjective worth add that a brand gains notwithstanding its practical advantages.

So if you are purchasing a brand, you ought to buy the one you can identify with.

Buying a brand is a way to share experience 

Assuming an individual is utilizing a non-branded item, he can scarcely share his fortunate or unfortunate experience with anybody since no one can depend on the experience of an obscure item. Moreover, the client himself cannot rely on it. Then again, if somebody is utilizing a branded washroom apparatus from us, he can gladly share what he is encountering, the vibe of the item, the toughness of the item, and many more such things.

To have the best toilet seat brackets or any other toilet parts and spares of branded make in the UK, you can depend on us at My Toilet Spares.