Purchasing toilet seat hinges appears to be a simple task, but it is more complicated than it seems when it comes to an Ideal Standard toilet seat. When choosing a new hinge, there are several things to keep in mind. Therefore, we present you with all of the required information that helps you make the best decision for selecting the Ideal Standard toilet seat and its hinges that meet your personal preferences. 

Deciding the size of the toilet seat hinges

Ideal Standard toilet seat hinges may appear to be identical; however, this is not the case. Armitage shanks toilet seat hinges come in standard sizes. It also available in a variety of materials, colours that fit best to your toilets. You've spent a lot of money on toilets and toilet seats. There might have a chance that you may not get the same hinge designed explicitly for that model. You will either need to order the specific hinges or forced to choose another style. To order the specific hinge you need to determine its length on the current toilet seat. If you have a sophisticated toilet seat, the width of the toilet seat hinges rarely matters. Instead, count the number of screws by popping the lid where the screws are hidden on the hinges. It is wise to measure the distances of screws in it for a better seat selection process.

Selecting the Right Hinges

Toilet seat hinges are comparatively inexpensive. You have to decide the toilet seat hinges that fit best to the size you need. You should know the number of screws in it and their placement type and position. The list will almost certainly give you an idea for procuring the Ideal Standard toilet seat hinges much shorter. If cost is an issue, you can eliminate the type and material that are out of your price range. We help you find Ideal Standard toilet seat hinges that fit your toilet. Also, provide the best Armitage shanks toilet seat hinges that have aesthetics or functionality for your Ideal Standard toilet seat. The following are few examples of Armitage shanks toilet seat hinges that fit best for your Ideal Standard toilet seats:

Plastic: Inexpensive, not very durable, but quickly replaced

Metal: Metal hinges are sturdy and also bring a better look to your toilet. It is a little bit pricey but still affordable

Designer: Are expensive and usually made for specific brands toilets including Ideal Standard toilet seat

Pneumatic: It is a costly hinge used to stops the toilet seat from crashing 

Rod and Hinge: It is also expensive but suitable for every toilet size

How to Mount the toilet seat hinges

Toilets are the place for harmful germs and can be a source of potential infections! Therefore you should take proper precautions before starting the installation process. Open the screw cover and remove the screws to remove the existing toilet seat. Install the new Armitage shanks toilet seat hinges on the Ideal Standard toilet seat base and secures the bottom hinge. Replace the seat and secure the top hinge properly. 


Repairing Noisy Hinges

If the toilet seat hinges are making dissonant squeaking noises while in use, they may simply require some lubricant. The multipurpose household lubricants can work wonders in such situations. Apply it to the hinges of the toilet seat lift and close it a few times to check whether it works properly. As the lubricant begins working, you should notice the squeaking becoming quieter with each movement of the hinges. If the lubricant method fails, your toilet seat hinges may have to be replaced. You can even buy specialized hinges that allow the toilet seat to function better and close slowly. These hinges help the toilet seat close in a softer, smoother manner, which can also help with the lid slamming, which is another crucial cause of toilet seat noise.