Here at MyToiletSpares, we are pleased to offer, Ideal Standard Toilet Seat replacements. We understanding how stressful experience replacing toilet seats can be. The first thing is you need to identify your toilet to find the correct toilet seat. Once you have found the correct toilet seat you need to find a reliable toilet seat provider. Here at MyToiletSpares we have years of experience in the bathroom industry and are here to help you while replacing your broken toilet seat. Why not browse what we have currently available and find the toilet seat you need, whether that is a soft close or a different type. We also have a range of toilet seat covers and hinges too as part of our collection of spare parts for toilets. Buy now!

For an ergonomic style and high-quality, you should consider Ideal Standard toilet seats. Add luxury to your bathroom with an Ideal Standard soft close toilet seat which is highly durable and has slow closing hinges. For a completely modern look, choosing a thin Ideal Standard toilet seat will look stunning. Also, if you want Ideal Standard toilet seats with soft close functionality and slim design, we have those too!

Different Ideal Standard Toilet Seats:


Ideal Standard Tempo Toilet Seat & Cover: This stylish toilet seat is designed for use with Ideal Standard Tempo toilet pans. The seat cover features a wrap over design and standard close hinges. This durable and practical toilet seat can withstand everyday use and is ideal for commercial and domestic installations.


Ideal Standard Concept/Studio Soft Close Toilet Seat & Cover: The durable seat cover is designed for use with Ideal Standard Concept and Studio toilet pans. The cover features soft close hinges and wrap over design that is practical and durable for everyday use. It is ideal for domestic and commercial installations.


Ideal Standard Concept Air Soft Close Slim Toilet Seat & Cover: The seat cover is ideal for use with Ideal Standard Concept Air toilet pans. The Air bathroom concept is inspired by nature, with the butterfly design creating an amazing atmosphere of lightness. This round toilet seat and cover features a sandwich-style design and soft close hinges with standard close seats. Consider this Ideal Standard toilet seat for your bathroom today.


Ideal Standard Alto Toilet Seat & Cover with Stainless Steel Hinges: Ideal Standards Alto toilet seats and covers are a perfect choice if you are looking for a luxury bathroom suite at an affordable price. This is the popular choice among architects and designers as it can provide a gentle touch of elegance to any bathroom design. It features stainless steel hinges that combine effortless beauty with efficient performance. The seat cover can complement a wide range of bathrooms, giving them a luxurious and timeless appearance.


My Toilet Spares offer a complete range of Ideal Standard toilet seats and covers for use with the Ideal Standard pans. These toilet seats come in a choice of standard or soft close and with relevant hinges and fittings to be able to fit the product.