There are several names such as WC, water closet, lavatory, John, loo and crapper for the sanitary fixture called toilet that you use in private and public places. It is certainly not the most exciting of inventions, but you simply can’t live without it. It is found that 40% of the world’s population don’t have access to this basic sanitary fixture. On the contrary, people in Japan have automatically working toilets that use electricity to do everything from playing music and opening the toilet lid cover to closing it for the user. Most of today’s toilets are more moderate than them, but include pretty inventive mechanism, no matter whether they are push button toilets or dual flush toilets. Let’s find out the features and mechanism of push button toilets.

Features of Push Button Toilets

In these toilets, you need to press on the push button to ensure that all waste is gone. Push button toilets have the luxury of push button or flush which give you a smart and easy toilet option. In comparison to more than 2 billion people all across the world who don’t have this exclusive luxury for sanitation, your push button toilets are capable to wash out the waste from the toilet basin with as little pressure as a quick press on a button. Consisting of the push button toilet valve, tank, toilet seat and plastic toilet seat hinges, these toilets can quickly dispose of waste and flow it down a long vertical pipe while using considerable amount water in the flushing process. They can be seen to be installed everywhere starting from the developed to the wealthiest countries in the world, where leading a modern and hassle-free life is a major focus. Don’t you feel better if your toilet runs water in the basin with a button push and washes out waste without the tension of pouring water into it on your? This is the most beneficial feature of push button ones in use these days.

Operating Mechanism of Push Button Toilets

Initially, push button or flush toilet looks very simple. Apart from an Ideal Standard or Shires toilet seat, it has a long pipe for carrying waste down through the floor and a cistern working to flush water into the basin especially when someone presses or pushes the button. Most of the push button toilets are mechanical in nature whose cistern operates to flow water through the toilet with gravitational force and cleaning and sanitizing the basin for future use but not without the push of the button. They are absolutely mechanical as they keep flushing and refilling the cistern using the internal levers.

There is a lot more involved in the operation of push button toilets. When you push the button, the cistern flushes as well as gets automatically refilled by the faucet present on the side which continues till the cistern gets filled up without causing water overflow. The flushed out water keeps pouring through the swirl holes in the bowl rim and a siphon jet hole present in the bottom area of the toilet. The sophisticated technology of these holes leaves the toilet with little water in the bottom after every push button. They never take out water completely. Rather, they keep some water trapped in the curved (S-trap or S-bend) pipe fitted at its base. With this much of water, it becomes possible to effectively close off the waste disposal pipe under it, preventing bad odour or germs from coming up and spreading across your bathroom.

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