Of course, toilets are a crucial part of your everyday life? Different types of toilets and the toilet seats on them give you the comfort to start your day! Perhapsyou have a small or large bathroom. There are best toilet types that fit best to your need. So you have to select the most suitable one among the different kinds of toilet seats for your replacement. Let's understand a few questions to ask while buying a toilet seat that fits best for your toilet and preference!

Do all toilet seats fit the same in the UK?

Choosing a suitable toilet and its seat for your bathroom can be tricky, whether you choose a traditional toilet or something more contemporary or comfortable. All the toilet seats available in the marketare not same, and they come in various shapes. So you should check such things when buying your toilet seat. D-shape, pointed-nose shape and round-nose shape toilet seats are usually found in the UK market! Most toilet seats in the market are oval-shaped, andyou can find contemporaryD-shape& square seats as well. If you wish to replace your toilet seat, rely on a registered dealer who stocks original products. You can trust our online store to get the toilet seat that best fits your toilet type needs, preference & budget.

Why should yousubstitutethe toilet seat?

Most people wish to change the toilet seats in their home or commercial space. It may have several reasons like the seats being broken or cracked, the fixtures may have gone, shakes or wobble while seating, move around when sat on, or you want to add a contemporary style. Do you add a new bathroom, or do you think your bathroom looks a little tired or old? The seat you choose is the decision that you must make carefully! Are you planning to sell your house, and your bathroom needs a bit spruce up? Do you just want to brighten it up on a budget? Then, trust our My Toilet Spare online store! We help you to reap the rewards of a new look bathroom without splashing out the entire toilet! We can provide tips & tricks and ready to assist you in refreshing your toilet without spending too much money or time! Changing your toilet seat could be the practical approach to reap the rewards of a new look bathroom!

Do all toilet seats fit to all bowls same?

The answer is a big NO! There is no such standard size for toilet seats as it come in a variety of styles & designs. Not all toilet seats are the same because toilets in the UK come in various shapes and sizes, design, colour and material. So you need to check your bathroom before ordering your toilet seat set. Toilet seat replacement can usually be adjusted to fit older or non-standard toilets! However, it is essential to find the original one from a leading shop or the original manufacturer. Most of the toilet seats we stock will support the contact points or hinges irrespective of their oval shape or contemporary square or D-shape toilets. You have to measure the toilet seat appropriately to enjoy the best toilet experience.


What to do to measure a toilet seat?

You don't want to buy the toilet seat that doesn't fit your toilet! Therefore, measuring the suitable toilet seat seems to be the most crucial part of replacing your toilet seat! To find out the most suitable seat for your toilet bowl, you will need to measure it accurately! It is wise to understand the critical measurement process. Most seats are adjustable to fit in the most common toilet bowl shapes. By using the measurement procedure, you can be sure to buy the correctly sized toilet seat. Few of them are:

  • It is worth to measure thedistance between the fixing holes near the screws to check it meet the standard measurement of 155mm.
  • Don’tignore thewidth of the toilet bowl during the measurement.
  • Consider measuring the length from the front edge of the bowl to the two seat-fixing holes at the back

Are toilet seats a standard size, or Can I use any toilet seat on any toilet?

There are specific standardsin UK for toilet seats. Most toilets have seat post holes with a standard gap of 5 1/2". All elongated bowls have 18 1/2" from seat posts to the front of the rim, and all-around bowls come in 16 1/2" size. Standard round or standard elongated toilet seats will fit such toilets irrespective of the brand. If a toilet manufacturer makes something other than standard with different dimensions, then they also produce the toilet seat for the same.   You will get all the toilet seats from our online store irrespective of their nature, size and shape!